A medieval city as majestic as Prague needs to be seen and experienced as only our private, and completely customized, tours allow.

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Prague Jewish Quarter Tour

The Jewish Quarter in Prague is the only Central European Jewish town quarter to survive the Holocaust. Its torrid history dates back to the 13th century, when Jews in Prague were ordered to vacate their homes and restrictions on their movements underwent constant change. Our tour will take you for a leisurely walk through Jewish Museum, Jewish Town Hall, remarkable synagogues and stroll through the Old Jewish Cemetery.

Karlstejn Castle And Crystal Factory

Karlštejn Castle was established in 14th century as a place to store royal treasures, collections of holy relics and the crown jewels. The layout of the castle from the settlement outside the castle walls, up to the Imperial Palace and the towers rising over it, will captivate you with their ingenuity. The guided tour through the nearby Rückl glassworks demonstrates the manufacturing process in all its stages.

Kutna Hora City Tour

Kutná Hora, the city of silver, is deservedly attributed the name “national treasury”. This is to say that its wealth helped to ensure the boom of the Czech Kingdom. The center of the city was included in the UNESCO world heritage list thanks to its historical importance and architectural gems such as the symbol of Kutná Hora - the unique late Gothic Cathedral of St. Barbara or Charnel House.

Pilsner Brewery Tour

The Pilsner Urquell Brewery was founded, and built, through the joint effort of burghers with brewing rights. In 1842, in the former Burgher’s Brewery in Pilsen, the first bottom-fermented light lager was brewed and before long it had conquered the whole world under the name Pilsner Urquell. You are invited to gain an insight in the history of brewing in the Pilsner Urquell Brewery and explore Pilsner's historical underground.

Prague Electric Bike Tour

See the iconic Prague sights in a way that most visitors cannot imagine! Prague electric bike tour allows you effortlessly discover the highlights and beauties of the city. You will travel smoothly by choosing as much assistance as you need - just choose between pedalling, electric motor power, or combination of both. The electric bike tour can last up to 2 1/2  hours and we will be delighted to customize it based on your needs.

National Theatre Tour

Reveal what is happening behind the scene of the National Theatre! Prague’s Golden Chapel, as the gold-crowned Neo-Renaissance building is known, is the place to see the best operas, plays and ballets from the classical Czech and international repertoire. With the tailored backstage tour you will discover the little-known corners of the Theatre, artists preparing for performances, including  props and costumes.

Prague Art And Architecture Tour

Prague is well known for its cultural heritage and many architectural jewels built in styles ranging from gothic, baroque, art nouveau or modernist. Interested in art and architectural gems of the city? We will be delighted to arrange a walk of the most unique sights with experienced historians. Prague encourages you to loose yourself in the labyrinth of medieval streets with stunning architectural during our Prague Art And Architecture Tour.

Museum of Communism

The Prague Museum of Communism provides an exhibition of cold war items from the Russian communist period of rule in the former Czechoslovakia, behind the Iron Curtain. The museum sets the stage for guests to experience recent history as they wind their way through the museum. The Museum was designed in a three-act tragedy: "Communism - The Dream, The Reality and The Nightmare."

Czech Castles Helicopter Tour

Helicopter sightseeing tour along the most beautiful castles and countryside is an experience you will never forget! Explore the architectural and natural highlights located in Prague from a bird's eye view and let us fly you over centuries of Czech history. Helicopter sightseeing flight is a truly unique experience! Flight route is approximately 120 km, and flying time 40-50 minutes. Flight is with a reliable Robinson R44.

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