Prague Electric Bike Tour

Licensed guides are ready to show you parts of the city you would never visit during a common walking city tour. A Prague Electric Bike Tour will take you through the charming alleyways and riverside paths framed by bridges and lined by palaces, you will see the magnificent sights of the Old Town and ancient Jewish Quarter which nestles behind. Crossing the Vltava River, you ascend the exquisite Letna Park with modern architecture and breath taking views over the city of hundred spires.

The Prague Castle trail reveals the true splendour and majesty of the king and president’s residence. Then you can descend the enchanting trail through the Petřín terraces, parks and orchards of the Lesser Town Quarter and its magical cobblestone streets.

Electric bikes are ideal for touring through hilly Prague. If you can ride a bicycle, then you can ride an e-bike! Ride effortlessly and enjoy the comfort of an electric assist motor. We offer a wide variety of stylish, luxurious, state of the art electric bikes.

The Prague Electric Bike Tour can last up to 2 1/2  hours and we will be delighted to customise it based on your starting and ending location, which is typically at a dinner restaurant or traditional Czech pub.

EXPLORE THE CITY, WALK LESS, ENJOY MORE – Lay tire track over the tour books!
Combine traditional biking with an added electric motor, making cycling and climbing hills easy. We will cover more, with less effort!

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