National Theatre Tour

The National Theatre belongs to the most important Czech cultural institutions and the National Theatre Tour is the perfect opportunity to get up close with it.  It was opened on June 11, 1881 to honour the visit of crown prince Rudolf. Only two months after opening, a massive fire destroyed the copper dome, the auditorium and stage of the theatre. It was seen as a national catastrophe and met with a might wave of determination to set up a new collection. It was reconstructed with the help of financial contributions from across the Czech population and on November 1883, the Theatre was inaugurated with a performance of festive opera “Libuše” composed by renowned Czech composer Bedřich Smetana specially for this occasion. The technically perfectly equipped building served without any extensive modifications for almost one hundred years.

Reveal what is happening behind the scene of the National Theatre Tour! Prague’s Golden Chapel, as the gold-crowned Neo-Renaissance building is known, is the place to see the best operas, plays and ballets from the classical Czech and international repertoire. With the tailored backstage tour you will discover the little-known corners of the Theatre, artists and staff preparing for the performance, including rehearsals, prop and costumes.

The Theatre tour will lead you from the foundation stone to the foyer, where you will see paintings by Mikoláš Aleš and other notable Czech artists. While sitting in splendid auditorium, you will admire the beautiful stage curtain and the ceiling decorations of eight painted female figures representing the different art forms. A truly grand and majestic European theatre with very little in comparison!

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