Museum of Communism

The Museum of Communism was designed by Czech-born documentary filmmaker Jan Kaplan who created what he calls a three-act tragedy: “Communism – The Dream, The Reality and The Nightmare.” Using authentic artefacts, scenes from everyday life (such as a 1950’s era replica workshop, a historical schoolroom, a sparsely stocked grocery shop and a chilling reproduction of an interrogation room, complete with ancient typewriter and brightly shining lamp, where the secret police forced people to sign confessions) have been meticulously re-created.

With the additional utilisation throughout the museum of film footage, video recordings, music, posters, statues, flags, paintings and photographs, the Museum brings alive again a dark era in recent Czech history to successfully demonstrate the utopian ideal of communism, the reality of life under the regime and the nightmare of a state controlled by the secret-police through surveillance, censorship and imprisonment.

The Museum is dedicated to presenting an account of the post–World War II Communist regime in Czechoslovakia in general, and Prague in particular. The Museum of Communism offers an immersive look at life behind the Iron Curtain.

In conjunction with common museum techniques, this museum employs a more modern multi-media approach to the display of information to recreate for visitors the atmosphere of the Communist era in all its dreariness and puffed up glory. The Prague Museum of Communism extensively covers the effect of the regime on all spheres of life and culture.

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