The city of a hundred spires has a proud history of serving its nation’s hearty cuisine, however, a great number of

superb international restaurants have touched down here in Prague in recent years. Trendy, Chic, and Avant Garde

now join the Traditional Czech group dining options now possible. Contact Us

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Auberge De Provence

Auberge de Provence is unique restaurant with a romantic and magical atmosphere of the French countryside. An outdoor terrace and lovely serene garden awaits guests during the summer. The homey setting is echoed by Auberge's small menu and its country-style Belgian and French dishes, many of which are prepared with organic vegetables and herbs procurred from the hotels own garden and Eco farm.

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Cafe Savoy

The Café Savoy restaurant and coffee bar evokes the atmosphere of cafés during the First Czechoslovakian Republic and is therefore as popular a meeting place today as it was when dissidents planned the future of the country. This Prague restaurant is well-known for its substantial breakfasts and gourmet menu dishes as well as their famed bakery which prepares fresh confectionery and bakery products on a daily basis.

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Aromi Italian restaurant

Aromi is an authentic Italian dining room offering a wide scale of fresh fish and seafood. They prepare true Italian cuisine with an emphasis on quality and fresh ingredients. This is not a like-Italian restaurant but rather an authentic, Italian small village dining experience. The staff make you feel as though they've inited you into their home, and the food makes you grateful that you've accepted. Aromi  has received many  awards for its quality of services.

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If you’re looking for something different and don’t have a fear of heights, then head to the top three floors of this Gothic St. Henry´s bell tower.  Zvonice restaurant is located at the very top three floors of an authentic bell tower, nearby to Wenceslas square, complete with the original town bell of St. Maria which dates back to 1518. Although the cuisine is much more modern, the service and atmosphere is timeless.

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V Zatisi

One of the first gourmet restaurants in Prague to open its doors after the velvet revolution. By 1996, V Zatisi, translated as Still Life, had achieved the prestigious best restaurant in Central and Eastern Europe award by Egon Ronays Seagram Guide, and by 2001 it had been named best restaurant in Prague by Gourmet. V Zatisi, just 3-minute walk from Charles Bridge, continues to be a true gem in Prague’s gourmet restaurant scene.

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Vojanuv Dvur

Vojanuv Dvur is more of a dining complex rather than just a restaurant. Its traditional bohemian atmosphere, complemented with a large summer beer garden in the courtyard, is the perfect setting to sample and savour the time-honored Czech menu. The overall feel of this restaurant, located 2 minutes from the Charles Bridge, brings you back to the essence of a Prague pub in the early 20th century.


U Fleku

Prague Casual Group Dining pub U Fleku, is a place of pilgrimage for beer drinkers from around the globe and one of the most visited pubs in the Czech Republic. Being the oldest pub in the largest beer drinking, and producing, nations in the world is quite a badge of honor. As the pub itself dates back to 1499, the restaurant is rather a new addition, within about the last 100 years or so anyways. A great group dining experience.

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Pilsner Restaurant at The Municipal House

Pilsner restaurant, at the lower level of the Municipal House, is one of the most beautiful secession pubs in the central Europe. The space is decorated with original large ceramic tile mosaics depicting city emblems, and decorative windows, all in Art Deco styling. A perfect destination for those searching for some Prague nostalgia whilst revealing in a typical beer hall atmosphere. Ideal for large groups.


New Town Brewery

New Town Brewery, is fairly new in Prague as it was founded in 1993, but represents some of the oldest of Prague’s traditions and customs. Old city chronicles actually note that in 1434 a brew house was actually built on the same location where this current brew house restaurant now resides. Several different areas which range from a Gothic hall, to classic 1920's pub, as well as a summer terrace.

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