The city of a hundred spires has a proud history of serving its nation’s hearty cuisine, however, a great number of

superb international restaurants have touched down here in Prague in recent years. Trendy, Chic, and Avant Garde

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Petrin Terraces

Petrin Terraces is a traditional Prague restaurant. It is situated in one of the most beautiful and romantic places of the ancient city of Prague. The restaurant sits in the Middle Eastern slope of Petrin hill with a completely unique view of the entire city. Cuisine is traditional Czech and works perfectly with live dulcimer music to accompany dinner. A cozy retreat from the norm in a cottage setting.

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A unique restaurant in the remarkable setting of a 12th-century grotto, Peklo (HELL) will win you over with delicious meals, fine service and an environment you won't find anywhere else in Prague. As the original vineyards located above the restaurant were called "Paradise," it seemed only logical that everything below must be a hellish inferno. Restaurant with this name naturally requires a symbolic passageway to the underworld.

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Olympia offers the unique combination of traditional Czech cuisine and modern gastronomical delights, together with the superb quality of Pilsner Urquell beer enjoyed in a cozy atmosphere dating back to the beginnings of the last century. Thanks to its century-old spaces and attractive location, OLYMPIA is not tourist haunt but an ideal meeting place for people who admire tradition set in an original, inspiring atmosphere.

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La Degustation

As the name of the restaurant implies, there is no à la carte menu. Instead, there are just three different seven-course tasting menus: one featuring Continental recipes, one composed of daily market specials and one designed around traditional Czech dishes. The Czech menu, Bohème traditionnelle, comes primarily from an obscure 1880 cookbook by Marie Svobodova. La Degustation take the lead in new culinary frontiers.

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La Casa Argentina

Prague restaurant La Casa Argentina is a perfect place for Argentinian cuisine as well as ambiance. The restaurant is divided into several specially designed sections representing Argentina from A to Z. Time flows pleasantly here, like the water of the Parana River at Iguazu Falls. Lively tango dancing entertainment completes the authentic dining experience and enhances it with pure energy and elegant flair!

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La Bodeguita Del Medio

La Bodeguita del Medio is a slice of old Havana in the beating heart of Prague conveniently located just a stone’s throw from the world famous Old Town Square. La Bodeguita del Medio with its authentic interior, cuisine, music, cigars and cocktails provides Prague with a real Cuban experience. Lively dancers and staff oozing charisma make La Bodeguita a truly fun place to be, while the food and drinks leave little else to be desired.

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Marina Brewery

Pivovar Marina is a giant boathouse rebuilt into microbrewery and restaurant on a quiet bend along the Vltava, and yes, it's both as lovely and as masculine as that sounds at the same time. This restaurant has two sections. The first section is named "Formanka" and offers traditional Czech cuisine in a beautiful, working brewery setting. The second section of the restaurant offers Mediterranean cuisine.

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Cicovicky Dvur

At Cicovicky Dvur is offered peace and comfort in a rural setting alongside traditional Czech entertainment with a Moravian folk group (violins, dulcimer and double bass) and folk dances from Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia performed by professional dancers in traditional dress. Perfect entertainment program while guests celebrate with freshly prepared, high quality, Czech food from the kitchen and wine flows freely continuously.

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Stary Vrch

We would like to invite you to a country farm situated in the countryside filled with a spirit of the last century. The village, which the farm is situated in is called Stredokluky and is filled with the welcoming hospitality of the 18th century. Start Vrch lies about a 20 minute drive from the historical downtown of Prague. Traditional Czech home made food, wine, Slivovice, and certainly, Czech beer accompanied by professional dulcimer live music.

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