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Coda Restaurant

Since its debut in early 2003, the Coda restaurant has become a culinary destination for discerning gourmands and oenophiles alike. This ideal restaurant is complete in its offering of fine culinary mastery and exquisite service, provided in one of the most elegant and beautiful settings in Prague. An amazing open air roof terrace serves up a side of WOW with every dish which leaves the hands of the talented Chef’s.

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U Pavouka

In U Pavouka - "By the Spider" restaurant, your group will be welcomed into a medieval tavern in which time stands still. Medieval enchantment will be experienced in the sounds, sights, and tastes. None of the details have been omitted in this perfect reproduction of an authentic feast, which takes place several hundred years prior to civilization, as we know it today. Medical music,  belly dancers, carrot card readers, and much more...

Traditional Czech €€

The Blue Duckling

The Blue Duckling restaurant is located on a narrow Malá Strana street, and is the most innovative attempt at refining standard Czech dishes into true Bohemian haute cuisine. This series of small dining rooms with vaulted ceilings and playfully frescoed walls, is packed with antique furniture and pastel-flowered linen upholstery. The menu is loaded with an array of wild game and quirky spins on Czech village favorites.

Traditional Czech

Grand Monastery Restaurant

The rustically styled restaurant seats 500 guests, with a further 100 places available on the beautiful summer terrace. In order to complete the ambiance and mood of the monastery, the wait staff are all dressed in stylish period costumes.  The restaurant is suitable for large and small groups owing to its segmented layout and the wine is from the Monastery’s own Moravian Premonstratensian cellars.

Fine Dining €€€


Aureole Fusion Restaurant & Lounge located just outside the historical center of Prague, is a very elegant and stylish chic restaurant where the cuisine is of the highest quality. Found on the dizzying heights of the 27th floor of the Czech Republic's tallest building, this is one experience, which you will not easily forget. This restaurant aims directly at those who cherish fine food and the most superb beverages to accompany it.

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Brasileiro restaurant is definitely a unique concept in Prague as it strives to reproduce an authentic “Brazilian Churrascaria” which is always full of atmosphere and rhythm. In this dining room, the food literally walks right out of the kitchen. Here, “Churasqueros" are both your waiters and your cooks. They walk among the tables offering cuts of meat, which they have prepared themselves.

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