Pilsner Restaurant at The Municipal House

The Pilsner restaurant, named after the famous Czech beer Pilsner Urquell, presents classic Czech cuisine in a typical beer hall atmosphere. Live music, such as an accordion or duo “Švejk”, complete the atmosphere. They provide excellent entertainment every night. Therefore Pilsner restaurant is the best choice for an event planner Prague. The high ceiling and the beer hall style setting carry the music well.

The restaurant is located in the basement of the Prague Municipal House, one of Prague’s cultural centers which was renovated in the nineties and which features regular concerts, exhibitions and other cultural events as well as the American Bar and the fine dining Francouzska restaurace. These are all aspects which make it a favourite for all event planner Prague programs. If you are growing a bit weary of all the exotic ethnic cuisines offered in many Prague restaurants and feel like tasting true Czech classics there’s no better place to go to than the Plzenska Restaurace. Hence it is considered one of the most beautiful secession pubs in the central Europe. Original large ceramic tile mosaics depicting city emblems, and decorative windows, ornate the space. A perfect destination for those searching for some Prague nostalgia.

Above all, it offers typical Czech cuisine such as roast pork with cabbage and dumplings, roast beef with cream sauce, and of course, excellent fresh Pilsner beer. Traditional beer hall “oom pah” music fills the immense space. The sounds echoe up from this basement beer hall restaurant.

Sample Menu

Country Style Terrine with Pickled Gherkins

“Svicková” – Roast Beef and Cream of Vegetable Sauce with Fresh Bog Cranberries and Dumplings

Grandma’s Traditional with Blueberry Tart

Fresh BEER

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