If you’re looking for something different for a restaurant for private event, and don’t have a fear of heights, then head to the top three floors of this Gothic bell tower. Uncovered wooden beams, oak floors, original walls, stone boulders, and exceptional ironworks.It will take your breath away as you catch your first amazing views from the large gothic windows which extend  all the way through both floors. Also the genuine bell of St. Maria cast in 1518, dominates the remarkable interior space. Although the enchanting ambiance is very medieval, while the cuisine is much more modern.  This is truly a unique restaurant private event location in the heart of the city.

The bell tower is, well, just that, hence an authentic gothic bell tower. Nestled amongst massive exposed timbers in narrow rooms are all the set tables.  These same timbers have held the entire structure together for the past 500 years.  This amazing restaurant for private event is situated right in the heart of the old city, and a mere few minutes walk from Wenceslas Square.

There are two floors of dining spaces. These can consequently each be hired exclusively, or combined, as a restaurant private event venue.

Sample Menu

Cream Risotto with Black Truffles, Garnished with Green Truffle Oil, and served with Baby Carrots

Fillet of Salmon in Ginger, Roasted in Sesame and Parma Ham, on Lemon Baby Potatoes with Endive

Chocolate Terrine with a Fresh Grape Sauce Laced with Amaretto

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