U Fleku

Prague Casual Group Dining pub U Fleku, is a place of pilgrimage for beer drinkers from around the globe and also one of the most visited pubs in the Czech Republic. Due to the fact that it is the oldest pub in the largest beer drinking nation in the world is quite a badge of honor. The pub itself dates back to 1499. The restaurant is rather a new addition, within about the last 100 years or so anyways.

These historical pubs are as much a landmark and important piece of local history as any other monument or old castle in the country. The traditional way of doing business in the Czech Republic usually takes the form of a conversation or gathering in one of these pubs.  So it happened with the revolution into a democratic nation in the 80’s, and most other celebrated events in history.

Famous beer is what U Fleku is well known for. This is brewed directly on premise. Furthermore, the atmosphere will take you to a completely different place.  You will gaze on the beer maids in wonder of exactly how many beer mugs they can carry; record is 20 beers or 10 liters! Brewery tours are of course also available to start the festivities for the group. The tour begins with visitors taken through the bowels of the brewery to see how the beer is made.

Sample Menu

Homemade Smoked Pork Neck served with Pungent Horseradish

Specialty- 1/4 Roast Duck, Fillet of Pork Shoulder, Home Butchered Sausage, Dumplings and Sauerkraut

“Palacinky” Czech Pancakes with Fruit, Melted Chocolate, and Whipped Cream

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Additional info

  • Maximum capacity of inside space is 700 seats
  • Maximum capacity of outside terrace is 500 seats

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