The city of a hundred spires has a proud history of serving its nation’s hearty cuisine, however, a great number of

superb international restaurants have touched down here in Prague in recent years. Trendy, Chic, and Avant Garde

now join the Traditional Czech group dining options now possible. Contact Us

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Petrin hill is a large green area in the center of Prague, with the most amazing views throughout the entire city, as it is perched high above everything, including the Prague Castle which is nestled just below it. Nebozizek lies directly in the middle of this unique location. The only way up the hill is either by hoofing it, or via the funicular railway, who’s only purpose is to go up and down the hill. The menu at Nebozizek comprises Czech and International fare.

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Mlynec Fine Dining

Mlynec Dining Room is an example of a restaurant which has found perfect balance between its luxurious atmosphere in the dining room, and an enthusiastic chef, Marek Šáda in the kitchen. The interior of the restaurant is vast which makes it an ideal venue for a variety of event and celebration settings. Literally a stone’s throw from the Charles Bridge and the bridge tower, lurking above. Truly a breath taking view.

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La Finestra

La Finestra is perfectly located in the downtown of Prague, just few steps from the Charles Bridge. The food is spectacular and the service impeccable! There is one open space dining room connected with an open kitchen, and the entire space is contained by rustic red brick walls. The basement hides a private wine cellar, which can accommodate private parties for up to 22 guests in the center of the wine cellars.

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V Kolkovne

Kolkovna restaurant is one of the best known traditional Czech dining rooms to find excellent local flavors, and of course the very freshest beer available. A fact that it is not unusual to find local patrons from the neighborhood drinking their golden brew and enjoying their meal right next to the members of the Prague elite, further demonstrates how the restaurant has so broadly earned its good reputation.

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Hergetova Cihelna

Hergetova Cihelna dining room has quickly become one of Prague's top dining experiences, and a very popular spot directly on the riverbank. Built centuries ago as a brick factory, this bi-level restaurant and lounge has been stunningly restored to include a variety of separate areas that include the main restaurant, a huge river terrace, and a stylish bar and a lounge with couches and lounge seating.

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Buddha Bar Restaurant

Exotic, sensual and luxurious – those are the adjectives most frequently applied to Prague’s Buddha Bar Restaurant. Located close to Prague’s Old Town Square, this restaurant captures the essence of contemporary Oriental interiors and promises the same mystical fusion, flair and ambience as its sister locations in London, Paris and New York. High ceilings and several spaces to dine, lounge, see and be seen.

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Ginger And Fred

Ginger & Fred Restaurant – situated on the 7th floor of the famed Prague Dancing House – offers not only trend setting international cuisine and original interior, but also amazing views of Prague. What is more, you can enjoy various dishes, prepared by experienced Chef Rudolf Doležal, in a pleasant company of numerous pieces of modern art – some of which you may find amusing, some definitely shocking.

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Coda Restaurant

Since its debut in early 2003, the Coda restaurant has become a culinary destination for discerning gourmands and oenophiles alike. This ideal restaurant is complete in its offering of fine culinary mastery and exquisite service, provided in one of the most elegant and beautiful settings in Prague. An amazing open air roof terrace serves up a side of WOW with every dish which leaves the hands of the talented Chef’s.

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U Pavouka

In U Pavouka - "By the Spider" restaurant, your group will be welcomed into a medieval tavern in which time stands still. Medieval enchantment will be experienced in the sounds, sights, and tastes. None of the details have been omitted in this perfect reproduction of an authentic feast, which takes place several hundred years prior to civilization, as we know it today. Medical music,  belly dancers, carrot card readers, and much more...

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