What is the secret of the Prague casual restaurant OLYMPIA? The answer is the unique combination of traditional Czech cuisine and modern gastronomical delights, together with the superb quality of Pilsner Urquell beer enjoyed in a cozy atmosphere dating back to the beginnings of the last century.

For connoisseurs of golden Pilsner lager, the popular Prague casual restaurant OLYMPIA is the third project in the chain of KOLKOVNA restaurants. Thanks to its century-old spaces and attractive locations below Petrin Hill, OLYMPIA is not tourist haunt.  It is rather an ideal meeting place for people who admire history and tradition set in an original, inspiring atmosphere.

Guests enjoy home-style cooking experience each day.  Delicacies such as real Krkonoše potato soup, golden brown smoked sausages, chicken in wine or aromatic baked lamb. The historic atmosphere of the restaurant, recalling the days of the First Republic, has been made possible by the original furnishings supplied by the brewery museum, as well as photographs and posters dating back to that era.

Prague Casual Restaurant OLYMPIA

Sample Menu

Cabbage Soup with Smoked Meat and Cream in a Crispy Hollow Loaf of Bread  

Pot Roasted Beef in Cream-Vegetable Sauce, Served with Bread Dumplings and Carlsbad Dumplings

Crispy Baked Filo Pastry with Sweet Apples and Pumpkin with Caramel Parfait

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