Stary Vrch

Starý Vrch Traditional Czech Restaurant and farm is situated in delightful Czech countryside and filled with a charm of the 18th century. Stredokluky is the village in which the farm is located.  It lies about 20 minutes drive from Prague´s downtown. It is only 4 km away from the Václav Havel airport Prague.

Starý Vrch was previously a family property.  It was fully remodelled and converted into a Traditional Czech Restaurant, finally in the 90’s. Inside the dining room you can still see the original structure of a barn. Thus It creates a uber charming ambiance. All this in an atmosphere of a rural estate dating from the 1730’s. The atmosphere of the place, the wonderful dancers and musicians, and most noteworthy, very friendly and attentive service, makes it a worthwhile experience.

Traditional Czech and Moravian home made food, wine, Slivovice, and certainly, Pilsner beer.  All are accompanied by professional dulcimer live music and you will get to see several folk dance performances. In order to get into the real feeling of action, you can experience some of these dances by yourselves.

 Starý Vrch Traditional Czech Restaurant Degustation Menu

Garlic Soup with Egg

Chicken Breast with Herbs, Butter Stewed Vegetables, Mashed Potatoes

Vanilla Ice Cream with Caramel

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