Cicovicky Dvur

This exciting and heritage protected farmhouse is a throw back to a more traditional time in Bohemian culture and therefore, celebrates local ancestries. As a result, it is one of the best, and most authentic, traditional Folklore restaurant in Prague.

This cozy cottage is located approximately 20 minutes outside of Prague. It acts as a reminder of a simpler and more festive way of life. In order to fully experience true Czech folklore, this venue completely surrounds you in the unique atmosphere and ambiance that is only possible in an authentic cottage farmhouse with a meal that any gourmet Czech grandmother would be proud of.

The entertainment gets underway with an energetic program of traditional Czech folk music, song and dance. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the show.

Throughout the meal the attentive service staff will treat your guests to traditional Czech folklore hospitality.  Food is marched out endlessly from the kitchen. Wine flows freely continuously.

The musicians, dancers, and singers are all absolutely superb and understand the importance of not only introducing their culture, but also of being true performers. The singers make a point of roaming throughout the room and actively making your group part of the entertainment by asking them to sing and dance along with the group. The dancers are well skilled, with background on classical dancing.  Hence, they perform traditional village dances in step to the music.

Sample Menu

Traditional Czech Cabbage and Spicy Sausage Soup

Country Pork Feast – Roasted Pork, Country Roulade, Red and White Cabbage and a Variety of Dumplings

Fruit Dumplings (Plum or Peach) with Cream Cheese or Poppy Seed

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