La Casa Argentina

La Casa Argentina is above all, the perfect place for Argentinian cuisine as well as atmosphere.  For that reason, it is great for corporate events as a premier Prague restaurant hire location in the city. Several specially designed sections, representing Argentina from A to Z, make up the whole of the dining area.  Subsequently, time flows pleasantly here, like the water of the Parana River through the Iguazu Falls. Each of the several rooms can be used separately.  For larger events, we can take over the entire dining room as a Prague restaurant hire venue.


Salon „Caminito“ is a restaurant & cocktail bar offering 130 different cocktails. As a result, this section of the restaurant evokes the atmosphere of the Buenos Aires La Boca district, which is notorious for its wild history. You will encounter tango on almost every corner here, with live shows taking place regularly. This section of the restaurant has a bar and open pit grill (la parilla), where you can watch the master of the Argentinean grill (parillero) prepare juicy steaks from the choicest cuts of meat.

Salon “Isla“ interior evokes an island illusion – coral bar. The island-style features include an aquarium with lobsters, wall coverings in a petrified wood design, and the floor exhibiting large pearl oysters. Isla also displays live animals. For example, Pygmy Marmoset, Agama lizards, a crocodile, and turtles call this home.

Salon „Iguazú“ is a dining room where you will find another integral aspect of Argentina in the form of its natural beauty, waterfalls, flora and fauna of countless colors and varieties. Living iguanas and a majestic tree trunk dominate the restaurant space.

Salon „Puerto La Boca“ reminds us that Buenos Aires is a port city.  An ancient ship, complete with sails and canvas swings to sit in, make up the decor in the bar.

„Calle de fútbol” – Would Argentina be Argentina without football? Of course not! Hence this section is entirely devoted to football. Here you will find important memorabilia including uniforms and photographs of the champions of Argentinean football.

Sample Menu

Cured Ham (Jamón Ibérico de Bellota) with Black Walnuts, Quince Mustard, Loquat and Pepper.

Grilled Filet of Pork Tenderloin Wrapped in Bacon with Pork Belly Served with Citrus Ginger Salsa and Mashed Potato

Chocolate Truffles (From Los Palmaritos) with Honey

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Additional info

  • The maximum capacity of the Puerto La Boca room is 60 seats
  • The maximum capacity of the Isla room is 96 seats
  • The maximum capacity of the Iguazu room is 30 seats
  • The maximum capacity of Salon de la Mendoza is 30 seats

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