List of the Most Exciting Things to Do in Prague in October

You just cannot deny that Prague is one of the most exquisite global tourist destinations. Its streets are always full of tourists, especially in autumn because of its gorgeous architecture and the pleasant weather conditions. There are a lot of things to do in Prague in October. One of the best things about visiting Prague in October is the hotel prices and airfares fall and this is another reason that makes the city of Bohemia hard to resist. October is just the perfect month to visit in Prague. The cool weather, musical events, festivals, and exhibitions offer pleasant and memorable outings in the Old Town or the nearby towns, villages, and attractions. The number of tourists in Prague is less in summer season while during autumn, especially in October, Prague enjoys its peak time as a global tourist destination.

The weather is the primary reason why you should visit Prague in October. It is just the right time to travel around places in Prague. The mornings are cool, while the evenings are cool and a bit chilly and the night time is cold. In this article from Prague Eventery, we are going to portray the best things to do in Prague in October. But before we get into the details of different things to do in Prague in October, remember that during October, you should dig into the traditional Czech food when the temperature drops. You can also check out the Prague street food which includes the tradeline pastries, roasted meats, portions of potatoes, and a tinkered beer. Now, let us check out the best things to do in Prague in October.

International Jazz Festival- One of the Best Things to Do in Prague in October

This is one of the best things to do in Prague in October. The autumn months of Prague are closely linked with this music festival. October in Prague is dedicated to the classical music festival. The organizers in the past used to focus on the traditional concept of Jazz but at present they have introduced other musical forms around Jazz as well, making a fusion of music. This year it will be the 36th edition of the International Jazz Festival.

If you want to know the best things to do in Prague in October, then visiting the International Jazz Festival should be at the top of your list. For three weeks, you will be able to see renowned artists from different parts of the world. You will get to see the rich mix of Jazz Style and the wonderful musicians who solely live for their work. For anyone who wants to know the best things to do in Prague in October, this festival is the one for them. This music festival is held on squares around Prague and it starts annually in late October. It is free for all.

Check Out the Famous Designblok

Well, it might be true that the Czech don’t have the same taste in design and fashion as French or Americans, but there is a new generation of young and talented designers who don’t think like that. In the Designblok Festival, a young bunch of talented designers presents their latest designs, creations, and trends. Visiting the Designblok Festival is one of the unique things to do in Prague in October. The festival takes place in different parts of Prague every year in October. This festival is one of the most renowned festivals globally and you would really not want to miss such a gala event when you visit Prague in October. It is a new age vanity fair. The Designblok Festival is celebrated every year where people get to check out the exhibitions and also learn about the budding and talented fashion designers.

It is the largest and the most prestigious events among all the fashion events held all over the world, which offers one more compelling reason why checking out the Designblok should be on your list of top things to do in Prague in October. This is a selective fashion show for the budding fashion designers but it is dedicated to fashion designs of all form. In this indoor fashion show, you will get to check out home furnishing, clothing, lighting designs and also industrial and utilitarian design from the best Czech designers. When you visit Designblok, you will see that this fashion festival showcases not only the individual creators but also the fashion schools, design studios, and the visionary projects from different international brands. You will be able to enjoy the show with the winners of the National Award for the Students Design.

Cherishing the Beauty of Prague

If you really want to cherish the natural beauty of Prague, then checking out the autumn foliage is one of the best things to do in Prague in October. There is a place called Petrin Hill Observation Tower which is specifically created for the tourists to view the beauty of Prague and the autumn leaves in the city. This lovely hill is located in the shadow of Prague castle and it offers excellent views of the city. The view of this place is so beautiful that kids and lovers/couples are invariably drawn to this place. Viewing the natural beauty is one of the best things you can do in Prague in October and if you can visit more similar places then you must visit the Letna Park and the Kunratice Forest.

The National Gallery and Museum of Art’s Exhibitions

Among the things to do in Prague in October, you cannot miss out the National Gallery and Museum of Art’s Exhibitions. The National Gallery Exhibitions include contemporary art inspired by the East Asian Art, the Towering Inferno, and Homage to Michelangelo, the Fire of Trade Palace, and Lady with a Muff. The month of October in Prague also includes the exhibitions in the Museum of Decorative Arts. You will get to check out the Bohemian Glass collection and masterpieces from the collection of the Museum of Decorative Arts. The National Gallery Exhibitions also include the Medieval Art in Bohemia, the European arts starting from Antiquity to Barbeque, the Asian arts, the art from 19th, 20th and 21st century, the collection of printing and drawings and the art collections from Rudolfine to Baroque in Bohemia.

Attending the Strings of Autumn Festival

If you have a plan to visit in Prague and you have made a list of things to do in Prague in October, then attending the Strings of Autumn Festival must be on the list. This musical festival is a vital part of Prague since 1996. The organizers of this festival are the National Museum, the Czech Philharmonic, the National Theatre, the Vaclav and Dagmar Havel foundation and VIZE 97. Because of the exclusive management, this festival is only held in the best and most prestigious concert halls in Prague. If you don’t include attending the Strings of Autumn, on your list of things to do in Prague in October, then you are going to miss out the Classical and Jazz music fusion. This is once in a lifetime opportunity for most people because the tickets are sold away very fast.

The primary reason for the tickets being sold immediately is because innumerable renowned personalities from the music fraternity started their music career from this Strings of Autumn Festival. The aim of this festival is to inspire and initiate original projects. The festival offers the opportunity to the young and talented artists to showcase their talents at the start of their international career. The spotlight is on the prospective artists who are less than 25 years old. It is very special about the choice of venues as well because it takes place only on the significant buildings in Prague. We guess, now you know why this should be on your list of things to do in Prague in October.

Joining the D-Day Celebrations

If you are visiting Prague by the end of October, then joining the D-Day celebrations is one of the best things to do in Prague in October. This date is so special because 28th October marks the day of Czechoslovak independence. On this date in the year 1918, Czechoslovakia declared its independence from the Austro-Hungarian Empire at the end of the World War 1. It was remarked as the ‘First Republic’ during the presidency of Tomas Garrigue Masaryk. The day is one of the most celebrated days of Prague. Though the state of Czechoslovakia didn’t exist after 1st January 1993 after the ‘Velvet Divorce’, the public holiday is still there. You will get to observe fireworks and cultural events on this day just like any other public holidays.

Attending the Signal Light Festival

This is another interesting thing that you can include on your list of things to do in Prague in October. The Signal Light Festival is spread all over the city of Prague, starting from the Republic Square to the New Town, Old Town and across the Lesser Town. It should be on your list of things to do in Prague in October because it is a unique festival of Prague. In this festival, you will get to see a lot of lighting designs and sometimes they are manmade while sometimes they are made naturally.

Sometimes you will see that the light is the art while sometimes you will see that the darkness is the art. This is really likable for both adults and kids. The festival uses the historic building of Prague as the canvas for creating the lighting designs. In this year, the Prague Signal Light Festival will be held from 12th October to 15th October. There are no specific venues for this festival because it is spread throughout the city. It is absolutely free of cost and this is why viewing the Signal Light Festival is one of the most interesting things to do in Prague in October.

Prague offers some of the best tourist destinations not only in Europe, but it is a renowned global tourist destination. Here in this article from Prague Eventery we have brought you the best things to do in Prague in October. Well, when you are not really doing or visiting something in Prague, don’t forget to check out some of the best beer halls and local pubs in Prague. The city has got a really great taste in beers. Apart from that, you can try and make time for the local cultural events, symphonies, and operas which draw quite a lot of crowd in Prague in October.

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