Business Meetings in Prague with Prague Eventery

Prague, often referred to as the ‘Heart of Europe’, stands out as a premier destination for corporate events. Its rich history combined with its modern amenities makes it a desirable choice. Partnering with Prague Eventery ensures your event in this historic city is nothing short of exceptional.

Why Prague for Business Meetings?:

  1. World-class Infrastructure: Prague offers a plethora of venues equipped with top-notch facilities. Whether you’re eyeing a modern conference center with the latest tech fittings or a historic hall echoing antiquity, Prague has it all.
  2. Centrality in Europe: Geographically, Prague is almost at the heart of Europe, making it conveniently accessible. Its international airport boasts extensive connections, easing global collaborations.
  3. Cultural Experience: While business is paramount, the cultural enrichment Prague offers can be the cherry on top for attendees. It’s not just a meeting, but an experience.

Prague Eventery: Why We Stand Out:

  • Tailored Experiences: Every brand and company carries a unique essence. We, at Prague Eventery, recognize this distinctiveness and ensure that each event mirrors your brand’s persona. No two events we manage look or feel the same.
  • Local Expertise: Having anchored ourselves in Prague for years, we’ve established deep connections. This insider knowledge enables us to recommend venues and experiences that might be off the conventional radar.
  • End-to-End Management: From the initial conceptualization, right down to the event’s culmination, we provide holistic support, ensuring every detail is impeccably executed.

Unpacking Our Offerings:

Venue Recommendations:

  • Historic Venues: Prague’s rich tapestry of history offers venues like ancient palaces and manors. Host your event in settings where each stone narrates tales of yore.
  • Modern Meeting Rooms: For those inclined towards contemporary settings, Prague’s modern buildings, fitted with state-of-the-art amenities, are perfect.
  • Culinary Coordination: Prague Eventery’s association with top caterers in the city ensures a gourmet experience for attendees. Whether it’s traditional Czech flavors or international cuisine, culinary excellence is guaranteed.
  • Technological Provisions: In today’s digital age, the success of meetings often hinges on tech efficiency. Our dedicated team ensures every technological requirement, be it video presentations, teleconferencing, or digital workshops, is catered for without hitches.

Detailed Service Breakdown:

  1. Venues Beyond Compare: Whether your brand resonates with history or modernity, Prague’s vast array of venues has something to offer. Through our deep-rooted connections, we can recommend spaces that align perfectly with your event’s ethos, be it in the heart of the city or its serene outskirts.
  2. Gastronomic Excellence: No event is complete without a feast for the senses. With our ties to some of Prague’s best culinary artists, we ensure your event is as much a gastronomic delight as it is a business success.
  3. Tech Wizardry: Modern business meetings heavily rely on technology. From ensuring high-speed internet connectivity to setting up interactive digital displays, our tech team ensures that the digital aspect of your event runs without a glitch.



Business meetings in Prague, when helmed by experts like Prague Eventery, transform into events of distinction. Our deep-rooted understanding of the city combined with our unwavering commitment to quality ensures every meeting isn’t just successful but memorable. If Prague is on your corporate horizon, let Prague Eventery be your guiding star.

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