New Prague Dance Festival – A Cultural Heritage of Prague

The cultural heritage of the Czech Republic forms an essential component of the nation’s intellectual as well as material resources, and it is very rich, diverse and authentic in terms of both artistic and historical value. The cultural heritage of Prague, the magnificent Czech capital, is extremely significant because of the obvious reason that the city was a major socio-economic and political power center of the European continent and even today stands proudly among the most important cities of the world. By virtue of having been a cultural melting melting pot over the centuries, Prague has acquired a huge variety of cultural nuances from all over the world and blended them masterfully with its inherent cultural tenets. By doing so, it has created a rich cultural foundation that is absolutely unique. While much of the world is aware of the tangible aspects of the multifaceted cultural heritage of Prague, the intangible aspects of culture – folklore, dance and music – play an equally vital role in helping the city secure a revered position on the global cultural map.

In its attempt to demonstrate the importance of music and dance in the cultural heritage of Prague, Prague Eventery – a leading Czech destination management company – describes the ongoing New Prague Dance Festival which is an internationally significant annual dance festival cum competition that the city hosts. Talking of music and dance as the mainstays of the cultural heritage of Prague, it is worth mentioning that music has been an integral part of the city. During the 1860s, the cultural heritage of Prague received a major fillip as the Czech Republic as a whole was getting transformed, only to be elevated to international standards. Ever since, Czech music enjoys a remarkably high status in the whole world, and possibly this was the reason for sending compositions of legendary Czech composer Antonín Dvořák along with astronauts during the first ever human voyage to the Moon. along with music, various dance forms, and especially the famed Czech Folklore, are inseparable parts of the cultural heritage of Prague. The Czech capital city, which is a major global destination for leisure and business alike, also happens to be a treasure trove of legends and myths that add an element of mystery to it.

Prague hosts a number of cultural events every year. Each of these events depict the cultural heritage of Prague in different ways, and most of these enjoy international recognition. Among the many different cultural events and festivals that the city hosts, one of the most important is the New Prague Dance Festival. This year, its 21st edition is being celebrated since July 1 and shall go on till July 7. Every year, lovers of dance, including students, teachers, choreographers and experimental groups wait eagerly for the dates to be announced as they feel privileged to attend or participate in this prestigious event. Due to the huge popularity that this festival enjoys while commanding reverence from dance connoisseurs and critics, it has gradually become an integral part of the cultural heritage of Prague and has been helpful in augmenting its position further. The New Prague Dance Festival enables dance enthusiasts from different parts of the world come together and share their love for this form of art. This helps them appreciate dance in a wholesome way – irrespective of the many different forms that they are specialized or interested in – and build valuable friendships that stand on the strong foundation of love, the undiluted love for dance.

The various forms of dance that are being participated in are classic, folk, contemporary, hip hop, and jazz. Choreographers also participate actively in this festival. The New Prague Dance Festival allows participants to showcase their talents in different theaters. In addition to performances and original creations, they can also stage dramatic dance. Furthermore, they can also take part in dance competitions across a wide range of categories such as  classic, folk, contemporary, hip hop, jazz, Latino, and many more. There are categories for choreographers and dance instructors, new talents, costumes, etc. The competition awards cash prizes worth ‎€1000 and ‎€500 respectively to the senior and junior winner, on the basis of the decision of a jury that consists of members from elite institutions such as the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, National Theater Ballet in Prague, Stuttgart Ballet, Bolshoi Theatre Moscow, etc. The diversity among the jury members who come from different countries proves the global significance of the New Prague Dance Festival and its obvious contribution towards the cultural heritage of Prague. This important Prague event that blends the concepts of a festival and a competition can be accessed by private as well as amateur institutions and groups, and there is no age limitation to qualify as a participant. These features are in line with the beautiful concept that a festival should primarily provide unique experiences that allow people to get emotionally charged. Its venue being the magical city of Prague, the New Prague Dance Festival becomes invariably successful in achieving that goal because the beautiful Czech capital infuses the festival with generous amounts of ambience and enthusiasm.

Each culture has its own share of unique aspects. Among these, a major aspect is the one that enables cultures to share with, and in turn gain from, other cultures. This provides invaluable enrichment to all of them. The New Prague Dance Festival acts as a cultural confluence where dance lovers from all over the world come together to create a magical world decorated by numerous dance forms. On a closing note, it needs a mention that this event is unique in being the only international gathering of its kind. Not only has it originated from a unique concept, it is also organized by unique professionals who have high regards for dance as well as its lovers. As an authentic cultural heritage of Prague, the New Prague Dance Festival shall continue to enthrall the world for many more years to come. Prague Eventery feels honored to operate from the same great city that hosts this great festival.

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