Outdoor Prague Dining Aureole Fusion Restaurant & Lounge located just outside the historical center of Prague, is a very elegant and also stylish restaurant where the cuisine is of the highest quality. Found on the dizzying heights of the 27th floor of the Czech Republic’s tallest building. Above all, literally, this is one dining experience, which you will not easily forget. Aureole pitches its aim directly at those who cherish delicacies of food and the most superb beverages. The restaurant itself encompasses a number of very specific dining areas including the Aureole Bar, two separate lounges, the Aureole terrace, and of course the primary dining area – the restaurant.

The atmosphere is delightful throughout the Aureole Fusion Restaurant & Lounge no matter which salon you take yourself to. As evening falls and the skies over Prague light up, the views are absolutely magnificent. There is no more imposing and impressive place in the city to be than here, in the presence of good company. Aureole also has its very own spectacular wine-room, completely stocked and in full view of diners.  There is a very respectful selection of vintage wines and rare cognacs.  A magnificent treat in a spectacular atmosphere.

Outdoor Prague Dining Aureole Fusion Restaurant & Lounge

Sample Menu

Green Papaya with Coconut-Lime Dressing and Saffron Tempura Kibun Yaki Chikuwa

Roasted Bull Tenderloin with Japanese Gold-Curry, glazed Vegetables and Barley Oats

Crème Brûlée Variation with Madagascar Vanilla, Jasmine Tea and Fruit Salad

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