The Blue Duckling

The Best Czech restaurant in Prague is definitely the Blue Duckling restaurant, is located on a narrow Malá Strana street.  Hence it is the most innovative attempt at refining standard Czech dishes into true Bohemian haute cuisine. This series of small dining rooms with vaulted ceilings and playfully frescoed walls, is packed with antique furniture and pastel-flowered linen upholstery.

An array of wild game, and also quirky spins on Czech village favorites, make up the menu selection. The ex-president Václav Klaus took visiting leaders here when he wanted to prove that Czechs too, have a unique style.

Most noteworthy is the duck which is the specialty here, along with every other type of game imaginable. This particular dining room is well known as being the finest Czech restaurant in town, considering the authentic meals prepared with fresh and vibrant ingredients, in a perfect fairy tale setting. Obviously, duck is the house speciality. Who knew that it can be prepared in so many different ways.

The Best Czech restaurant in Prague – Blue Duckling

Sample Menu

Wild Game Pâté with Roasted Apple Slices in Cranberry Sauce

Roasted Duck Glazed with Honey and Apple Brandy, served with Raisins, Apples and Potato Kisses

Crepe Poached in Lime Wine with Brown Sugar and Strawberries

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