Brasileiro Dining Prague is definitely a unique concept in Prague as it strives to reproduce an authentic “Brazilian Churrascaria” which is always full of atmosphere and rhythm. In this dining room, the food literally walks right out of the kitchen.

Here, “Churasqueros” are both your waiters and your cooks. They walk among the tables offering cuts of meat which they have prepared themselves. Every customer will find a paper circle on their table. Turn the green side up to send a signal to the “Churasqueros” that you would like a sampling of what they have prepared. Red side up means enough “I´m full”.

Although there is a vast cold buffet, which includes everything from marinated salmon in dill sauce, to palm hearts with balsamico vinegar and Nigiri Sushi, grilled meats, poultry, and fresh seafood’s reign king here. Churrasco is a method of cooking meat; especially beef, on a skewer in a special grill. Large and small pieces alike can be cooked in this way. Gauchos, South American cowboys, used to prepare meat in this manner on the pampas. Prices are all inclusive for as much as you feel like eating. Definitely a festive atmosphere with great grilled foods.

Sample Menu

Oysters with Lime, Rio Style

Marinated Salmon with Dill Sauce

Duck Breast Marinated with Fresh Thyme

Chicken Breasts Wrapped in Bacon

Marinated Piquant Potatoes “Grenaille”

Traditional Salad with Red Beet and Ewe´s Milk Cheese

Roast Pork Meat with Olive Oil and Fresh Pepper

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