Led & Lightshow Performance

Led & Lightshow Performance is a complete hi tech lightshow full of effects, dramatic choreography, and defying stunts. This show combines modern design and UV lighting effects with active UV makeup and light up costumes. Custom client logo or slogans may also be incorporated into the LED performance. Be warned, the energy which radiates off of the stage is highly contagious and upliåçfting!

White costumes in combination with the best lighting effects, subtle choreographies interlaced with dynamic acrobatic acts, vibrant colors under UV light fill the entire space and mesmerize the audience. It is possible to adjust the show according to client’s wish. A client can choose from a variety of impressive acts as well as combine them – dance with ribbons, choreographies with luminous tools, UV glow act, acrobatic act with a Cyr Wheel ring, juggling with large cubes. According to the client’s wish we are also able to incorporate a company’s logo, title, or picture into the show with use of best class pixel poi technology. It is also possible to carry out the show under not completely dark conditions.
These Led & Lightshow Performance are perfect for indoor functions. As with all our shows we include the audience and share our enthusiasm and energy with them.

Elaborated costumes, mesmerizing choreographies, professional show, art of movement.

From lyrical and romantic duets, through sensual acts performed by fire dancers with fire hula hoops, choreographies with poi and dynamic dance with flaming staff to group choreographies full of sparks and pyro effects. Our exciting FIRE Show was successful in fifteen countries on three continents. Due to our high safety standards we are able to carry out indoor fire performances as well as run the fire show on unusual premises.
A wonderful sight to behold with patterns of light, changing colors, and impressive fire displays, this show will really give your event the wow factor. Meet the team

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