Aerial Acrobats

Aerialists and Aerial Acrobats are a wonder to behold with beautiful and breathtaking aerial artistry guaranteed to wow guests at any event! They are a popular choice with those looking to push the boundaries and offer guests a dramatic and truly impressive visual spectacle. A combination of remarkable strength, extreme flexibility and creativity, add a touch of the spectacular to any event.

There is something about the feeling of flying or being up high up in the air using your own strength and overseeing what’s happening down below that makes Aerial Acrobatics so exciting to many people. Seen more as a new recreational activity in many western countries, this traditional circus discipline is taking flight fast, pun intended, and people are loving it.

Aerial Acrobats is nothing for quitters. Taking on a new discipline requires just that – discipline. But if you feel that you might be lacking a bit of strength during your first few classes and want to throw the towel, don’t. Some circus and aerial schools offer “conditioning” classes that train you for the strength needed for an aerial class.

Whether you’re looking for an aerial silk performer to be the main act at your event or to provide sky-high ambient aerial entertainment, Our stunning displays are mesmerising to audiences of all ages. Her feats are jaw-dropping as she swings, spins, twirls, drops, unwinds and poses high above the floor. Aerialists don’t get any more exciting than this, especially when it involves aerial dancing on gorgeous aerial silks.

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