Femme Fatal – Electric Violin Duo

The electricity in Femme Fatal – Electric Violin Duo. not only resonates in the music, but also in the performance. The talent of these classically trained, exceptionally beautiful young ladies, is displayed in their fused compositions, which are a blend of classical, rock, jazz and funk. The performance is high energy as are the sounds which permeate the room. Their music is as exciting as their stage presence.The original violin duo “ femme2fatale ” is a graduate of the Ostrava Conservatory
Eva Slaná and Lucie Klasek.

Their virtuosity of classical violin play was never afraid to connect with the genres of rock, pop, world music, but also with the many-changing contemporary dance scene.
During its existence, the duo has achieved significant success at home and abroad (eg the participation of “femme2fatale” at festivals in Germany, Austria, Poland, but also in South Africa or the United States). The violinists were also selected as the only support on the occasion of the exclusive performance of the Finnish band “Apocalyptica” in the Czech Republic. The uniqueness, high professionalism and top quality of these artists is evidenced by the sale of more than 10,000 pieces of the debut album duo “f2f” released in 2008 under the title “Violin Temptation” and the interest of domestic and foreign organizing agencies.
Currently, there is an unconventional collaboration of “femme2fatale” with a German DJ and producer, performing under the name “Mad Skill”, who has made several very important collaborations with artists abroad and in the Czech Republic.

Connecting Femme Fatal – Electric Violin Duo with DJ Mad Skill creates a project that is unique both in the Czech Republic and abroad. “Femme2fatale” and “Mad Skill” are preparing a joint album called “Evolution”. The result will be a precise interconnection of seemingly distant genres (hip-hop, soul, d’n’b) with the sound of the violin. Before the album is out, “femme2fatale” and “Mad Skill” will present a new project in the form of live shows at clubs and festivals in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


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