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Czech tribute Abba Revival Group and is based on a quality-singing core. Group members carefully dissected the original Abba recordings and then put them back together for the most faithful replica of their celebrated works. You know the outfits, the dance steps, the lyrics; now experience it all over again! Please don’t blame us when you can’t get the songs out of your head.

ABBA Revival offers you the repertoire performance of this famous beloved group with sound that is extremely close to the original ABBA band. Our performance is 100% live. No pre-recorded material is ever used; all sounds are created live on stage as you hear them. Our repertoire includes approx. 30 of the best known songs of this Swedish legend from the 1970s, which were studied and rehearsed on the basis not only of ABBA’s studio recordings, but also of audio and video recordings of live performances. It is our ambition to perform these songs in a way that pays perfect tribute to the mood and atmosphere of each song, as envisioned and performed by the creators of the music. We promise you fantastic ABBA experience for very resonable price.

The legend of ABBA lives on with an incredible legacy of timeless tunes and their undeniable place in music history. The Swedish supergroup is as popular and well-loved today as it was in its 70’s heyday, with classic pop songs and dancefloor beats familiar with generation after generation. Never in the history of pop has one group been so celebrated and revered!

ABBA Tribute, homage to ABBA and the atmosphere of the 70 ‘s and 80 ‘s.
In the history of pop music ABBA has been played a leading role. Who does not remember classic hits like “Dancing Queen”, “Waterloo”, “Mamma mia”, “Voulez vous” and “The winner takes it all”. Abba is one of the most successful bands in the world with over 200 million sold albums (and more than 370 million records in total).

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