Private walking tours in Prague – The best way to explore the city

New to the city? Wandering the best way to explore it? Your wish is our command. The majestic city of Prague is the seat of cultural heritage in Czech Republic and is the home of famous attractions. The city boasts to have 10 major museums, numerous theaters, galleries and other historical exhibits. Private tours in Prague is the best way to explore it. Strolling through the city on foot allows you to take a closer look at the sites on a more relaxed manner. But worried about managing and organizing the tour, selecting the sites in a limited time frame? Fret not for we have a solution to your worries. With years of experience in event and destination management, we understand your pulse. Just sit tight and let us do the job for you. You can thank later!

Here are a list of destinations where we would like to take you on foot.

Prague Castle
The largest medieval castle in Europe, the Prague castle is one such place which demands attention as it has been a focal point of the city for the last thousand years. The best way to explore this majestic architecture is by strolling around through the cathedrals, rooms dwelled by the kings and the queens. This largest castle complex in the world according to the Guinness book of Records need to be explored on foot so that you can pay attention to every little detail and retrieve valuable information about this place.

Evening Prague City Tour
Prague is a beautiful city decorated with ancient castle and monastery. Imagine how beautiful it will look at night drenched in moon light and decorated with sparkling lights of the city. Nothing can be more amazing than walking through the cobblestone streets of Old Town and breathing in the old world charm of the city. We aim at providing you with the best guides who are well versed in the history, politics and the architecture of the city.

Prague Food Tour
Have you ever thought of going on a food tour on foot in Prague? It is a challenge for us to make your walking tour innovative and fun. Your smile is our biggest treasure and we are ready to go the extra mile for it. We organize tours that are not restricted to the regular sightseeing. Experience Prague through its gourmet food. Visit the finest eateries in the city with our professional guides who will share love for food as well as interesting local information and all this on foot! Relax and enjoy the city at its best by discovering hidden hangouts in its streets and lanes.

Karlovy Vary City Tour
Take a walk through the beautiful parks of Karlovy Vary City, famous for its mineral springs hidden in gracious colonnades. Appreciate the remarkable architecture and peaceful atmosphere of this place and discover the hot springs as you stroll along the walkways.

We make special arrangement to make your private walking tours fun and exciting so that you can take in the sights in a more leisurely pace. Our guides are friendly who accompany you so that you can get a clear idea about the place you are visiting, providing you with interesting facts. We even arrange stops for lunch so that you can take a break and relax over a meal on a local restaurant.

Prague Eventery is all about perfect execution of plan, it is about customer satisfaction.