Hotels and Accommodation

Hotels and Accommodation

This world is full of colors for those who love to travel. They travel to discover nature and people. Therefore, they need to stay and spend some leisure time by having wonderful accommodation. Hotels are the best place to stay and enjoy hospitality. The more the hoteliers provide solace to their clients the more they will get the benefits.

Hotels generally provide lodging and usually meals. They also establish entertainment and various personal services. The hotel rating starts with the number of stars, like five stars, four-star, and so on. A single-star rating hotel offers basic and necessary accommodation with limited facilities whereas, five-star hotels are the most luxurious and provide comforts to their clients.

LifeStyle Prague Eventery

This has become a symbol of the lifestyle of rich features of stunning architecture, world-class facilities, and fine dining luxurious hotels that offer an exceptional experience for the elite. The hotel is ranked the best which is surrounded with natural scenes like beaches, mountains, and at the riverbank, whereas the interior is high beam roofs, a ranged closet, ritzy bathtubs, huge bathroom fireplace, and luxurious living rooms make the hotels one of the best among top tiers list.

Burj Al-Arab is a luxurious hotel, situated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It got fame due to its name meaning tower of Arabs, one of the tallest hotels in the world. This hotel is so incredibly luxurious it has so many features to offer. It is the only hotel that is rated as seven-star in the entire world. This hotel is built on an artificial island.


LuxuryhotelsinPrague KingsCourtHotel
Luxury hotels in Prague – Kings Court Hotel


Accommodation refers to a room, building, or lodging which provides a homely culture for a person to stay, sleep and live. Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, you need to know certain classifications that can help to make the best hotel choice. It is quite difficult to distinguish the types and categories of the hotel because it varies from place to place and depend upon the international chains of luxury Hotels.

Let’s start with the types and categories of hotels. 

LuxuryhotelsinPrague KingsCourtHotel
Luxury hotels in Prague – Kings Court Hotel

Budget and Value Hotels

In the hotel industry, there are different categories following lower to elite. From a marketing point of view, most of the hoteliers fix the value properties within their range. They provide the services according to the packages. On the contrary minimal services and amenities, less attractive location, which might mean you are not comfortable.

The next category will help you make good decisions about the choice of hotels.

Inns and B&Bs

Some hotels consider themselves comparatively small and have only bed and breakfast or inns. They are cheap-and-cheerful and suitable for wedding ceremonies.

If the clients want to have other options like mid-range or business hotels then,

The following category fixed themselves for families and business travelers.

Mid-Range Hotels and Business Hotels

The Mid-Range Hotels are also called the Business hotels preferred by families and businessmen. It is very appropriate, cost convenient, consistent and the location is very near to their interest.

Now another type of hotel that suits families and small groups of friends is the following:

Family Hotels and Resorts

Hotels always welcome their customers. Family hotels do facilitate them by having comparatively big rooms with extra beds and swimming pools. The purpose of family hotels is to maximize fun, luxury and enjoyment. The success of any family hotel is that the kids never get bored.

Now the greatest attraction for the young and especially the newly wedded couples are:

Beach and Vacation Resorts

The elite class does enjoy beach resorts and golf courses. Most of the cities are fixed for resorts and hotels where they use to play golf and entertain with drinks and lots of other kinds of fun.

Holiday Condo Resorts

When the seasons of holidays start, people celebrate vacations especially when the seasons start. Some buildings are owned independently to rent like a hotel. They are designed for the same purpose to meet the specific standards. They offer numerous services such as housekeeping. They get the facility of kitchens and in-suite laundry. Guests enjoy the weather on the beach, a gym, spa and a farm-to-table kind of restaurant.

Boutique Hotel Properties

Some of the hotels are smaller and they décor the building with different styles and make history. Each room is decorated individually. The price ranges from mid-range to going all the way up to luxury. Some hotels do have chains and a few are working independently. Big names in the hotel industry understand the attraction of the boutique. That is how they like to enhance their chains.

Luxury and High-End Hotels

Luxury and High-End Hotels have higher price tags and they deliver state-of-the-art design, quality, excellent services. Guests enjoy full services, including 24-hour room service. These luxury hotels are available in metropolitan cities where businessmen and leisure travelers fascinate themselves during their stay.

Hotels on Private Islands

It is for the best luxury vacation in private island hotels where guests get the services from the airport by private yacht and have a personal chef with a special spa therapist.

Hotels That Float

Cruise ships are floating hotels where you can wake up in a new place every morning without needing to re-pack your bags. Like hotels, they come in several categories and sizes. The latest Cruise ships are kind of floating hotels where you enjoy every morning with a new place. Like hotels, they meet in several categories and sizes.

Now it is believed that the customers expect more than just a comfortable night’s sleep. The hotels are experiencing on the top of basic amenities, convenience, location, environment, and then these things are compared with price.



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