Magic Of Robert Fox

Robert Fox will walk among the guests during your event and will entertain them with his original modern illusions right in front of them. Guests will not only witness unbelievable illusions, but will also become an integral part of the program. Robert combines psychology, modern illusion, thrill, humor and above all, intelligent entertainment.

Opening show for more spectators. During this active teambuilding show, Robert Fox combines psychology, modern illusions, suspense, humor and, above all, relaxed, action, intelligent entertainment.

Robert collaborates not only with the audience on stage but also with the whole audience, which becomes part of his modern magical experiments…

Today you will have a unique opportunity to experience magic, to be part of it. That’s what this show is all about – you audience. So sit back and let yourself be guided…

Are you preparing a really special and important day of your life? Choosing the right entertainment will ensure that your loved ones will remember it for a long time.

Robert Fox is a “Full Time” professional with more than 20 years of experience performing at major jubilee events. Agency or wedding coordinators reserve Robert months, sometimes years in advance, before a major life event. So think about booking a program when you know the exact date of your important life event.

Do you want: Clients or employees to remember your event for a long time?
To remember your products?
To be informed about your product while having a great time?
To come back to you repeatedly?

Robert’s appearance helps break ice among customers who don’t know each other at your event. At first, subtly and later, all of them gradually become part of Robert’s illusions, creating a relaxed, active, entertaining atmosphere.

Whoever has not seen it will not believe, and whoever sees it will not understand. It stops passers-by and shows their spells without any background. Robert Fox uses a lot of psychology for his pieces, then the necessary “wizarding” skills, but to bring people to amaze him and abilities that he himself can not explain.


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