DJ Coco Jambo

DJ Coco Jambo breaks into everybody’s house every morning, that is to say that he is one of the most recognised radio DJ’s on the Czech airways and incorporates his sense of humor, style, and “je ne sais quoi” to his performances. Considered to be one of the true “Old School” DJ’s, he is more of a presenter, moderator, author, and all around entertainer.

Creating music and writing lyrics became my only target of self-realization. I worked in several bands, released the first black album, the first CD, played many music concerts, met many people, experienced a lot of things and then came something I never thought about. I was attracted to Kiss South Bohemia to moderate and prepare an author’s show. BOOM! I don’t even know how I got to moderate the Kissparade and after some time I was asked to entertain people every day in the afternoon show (then the Double Party morning show) which gave me, like the music, the feeling that many I can change people everyday and try to dispel their everyday worries and pain.

After almost seven years of working on the radio Kiss South Bohemia came another shift. DJ Coco Jambo and his partner Jarda Košatka, Fajn addressed the radio with the offer to moderate their morning show. It’s time for big changes! Moving to the capital, losing touch with a large number of friends, but a great world of new opportunities and opportunities have opened up for me to try to please even more people every day. The radio has given me a lot of new friends, the popularity has taken away many others, but it’s still me. Me, Jindřich Švejda, a boy from the Vltava.

And tomorrow, again, I wish to conjure a smile on any of you, whether you love or hate me. I experienced working with my hands and counting every crown, I experienced the grinning of educated people with paper for their infinite intelligence, I experienced the death of my father who taught me to be an honest man, I go with my mother to put flowers on my sister’s grave look at my other sister with high mental disabilities, I know what to love, I know what to be loved, I have friends and enemies, I was up and down and after I survived brain hemorrhage and several subsequent operations, I may feel things bit differently. In 2015 I lost my job, then my money, my apartment, my friends, and my son died in May. I know what life can do, so it is an honor for me to have the opportunity to just laugh for a few seconds.

I consider what I do to be the meaning of my life, and I appreciate everything he has offered me – even the bad one, because I know that many of you have not been as fortunate as I am.

You can read more about me and my life in my book “Coco Jambo – The Heartbeat of Destiny”.

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