Laser Net

A maze made up of laser net beams that are able to detect movement. We are all familiar with captivating scenes from action movies where the hero appears a few meters from some precious statue, but to get it the hero needs to pass through a security laser net. You can experience this action-packed entertainment live thanks to our LaserNet. When detecting movement, lasers can change colors or give voice or sound signals. We can teach them everything you wish. It’s obvious that this show must take place in darkness.

We provide special effects for special events: Corporate meetings, concerts, festivals, events and permanent installations. Our services included Laser Light Displays, Pyrotechnic and Firework displays. We also provide Co2 Cryogenic FX, Balloon Drops, Exploding Balloon Walls, Searchlights, Confetti, Curtain Drops (Kabuki) and many other custom effects.



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