Interactive Entrance

A Interactive Entrance to a space always constitutes an imaginary boundary between the ordinary and real world existing outside and the world created inside solely for tonight’s action. The entrance can be decorated according to the event theme, from the white stretch textile gate to the entrance to a different dimension. When passing through, you activate an application which will laser scan you and welcome you by a voice or by another effect.

Your event starts the moment attendees walk through the Interactive Entrance and it’s up to you to introduce the experience the right way. Grand entrances are visually stimulating and can change the mindset of the guests towards your event immediately, which makes them more pliable and puts them in the right frame of mind and best mood. An event entrance also focuses their attention and takes them away from the everyday distractions to make them less likely to miss anything you are trying to get them to experience. Ultimately, a great event entrance entices your attendees and makes those who walk past wish they were there too!

Tunnels are a great way to create a transition from the outside world to your event and is definitely an option for those looking for a transformation and a big impact. This floral tunnel is intricate and shields the sunlight to reveal a darkened staircase at the end.

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