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It is normal that you and your visitors might want to have the best recollections on your big day particularly when they come to a significant distance for a wedding in Prague or elsewhere in the Czech Republic. Be that as it may, how to accomplish it?


Wedding entertainment is a major subject that Prague Eventery frequently manages with its clients. The premise of a wedding is, obviously, the part around the service, everything ought to be about family, feelings, sentiment, prosperity, and shared love. However, what might be said about the remainder of a big day? It is important to get a handle on this time accurately to deal with visitors and live it up. This is the premise of progress!


After every one of the years, being the best destination management company or DMC in Prague and all over Europe,  we have been sorting out weddings, we have chosen a couple of focuses that we accept are vital to a progress of a wedding. We believe that these focuses could help you, with what to zero in on.


  • To satisfy the fundamental wish of a lady – somebody has a fantasy about a blossom enrichment/somebody needs to look perfect, to have the ideal dress, hair, and make-up/somebody simply needs to move to the cadence of a decent band/somebody maintains that an extraordinary photographic artist should have lovely photographs/somebody yearns for a wonderful wedding scene. For the most part, it is 2-3 focuses, which are significant for a lady. As a successful event organizer, we suggest zeroing in on these focuses and attempting to meet them however much as could be expected. Other less significant focuses may involve splitting the difference if necessary.


  • To satisfy the principal wish of a lucky man he feels much better during the arrangements and furthermore on the big day. Our event agency finds that a lucky man needs to have great liquor/great music/great stream on a big day, not to be quite coordinated/needs visitors to live it up/and doesn’t have any desire to be wasted time taking pictures excessively.


  • To guarantee visitors are fulfilled how to do this? In view of my experience, we would sum up it in 4 central issues:


  • To have sufficient food and beverages, and superb help.


  • To have a good-to-go time plan, so visitors don’t get exhausted and are enjoyably shocked and amped up for something.


  • To have an impeccably coordinated wedding and speak with the visitors – that they generally realize what will occur, what’s in store, and yet it is extremely regular and loose.


  • To have great amusement, and by “great” meaning not humiliating, not constrained. In any case, in the event that you have an all-around set plan for the afternoon, you won’t require quite a bit of it. Great music is fundamental.


As may be obvious, there are a couple of focuses. We can truly affirm that assuming you adhere to these places and satisfy every one of them, you have practically won. See more subtleties to fill your heart with joy exceptionally unique underneath!


Then, at that point, you can adjust subtleties that will make your big day more lovely and excited. There are large numbers of them. Here are a few hints for motivation by this Wedding organizer and planner for a destination wedding in Prague:



In the event that a financial plan permits, putting resources into something like this is generally perfect. It makes your big day exceptional, and it very well may be a remarkable encounter for your visitors.


  • Gentlemen’s bar, or some themed “corner” according to hobbies of a bride and a groom
  • Photobooth or polaroid with a book where guests can write wishes and messages
  • Funny dance of a bride with her dad/groom/grandfather, eventually some dance of a groom/bridesmaids/groomsmen, etc.
  • “Messages in the bottle” – wishes, tips, and messages for a bride and a groom on their 1st anniversary
  • A sweet bar with nicely designed desserts will go well with a wedding cake
  • Lounge, either sofas and chairs or blankets with pillows
  • Ice cream/sorbet bar, or just ice lolly or sorbet with vodka
  • Coffee bar with a great barista
  • Stylish cocktail bar
  • Prosecco minivan, where guests can shoot their Prosecco and it is also possible to attach a beer barrel
  • Sparklers / flying lanterns/balloon cards/fireworks and more



Prague Eventery suggests trying not to marry games however much as could reasonably be expected. It is smarter to very much set up a wedding planner so that exhausting free time doesn’t happen by any means and consequently games are not required. Obviously, on the off chance that you start a wedding service around early afternoon, there isn’t anything else to do and you should occupy the time between the gathering and the night party.

In any case, a couple of wedding games are many times worth the effort. Experts from an event company would suggest you some games but our event agency suggests these:

  • Newlywed quiz
  • Seats, where visitors generally need to bring something (tie/half a quart of lager/telephone/bra, and so on.). The people who drop out need to do some particular errand for the love birds from now on (to take them to a film/heat a cake, and so on.).
  • Obviously, customs are likewise a piece of wedding entertainment (crushing plates, tossing a bouquet, first dance, cake cutting, and so on.)


There are truly numerous entertainment choices. Yet, the premise is an extraordinary association of a wedding – on the off chance that you set the timetable of the day accurately, the tomfoolery makes itself and doesn’t need to be constrained. The last point: recall that where the lady of the hour and the lucky man are, there are visitors too! On the off chance that you will sit by a table with a glass of wine, visitors will be there as well assuming you need a full dance floor, dance on it.

We wish you a superb wedding time loaded with incredible entertainment!!!

On the off chance that you are searching for a wedding event organizer, professional conference organizer, party event planner, or party event planning company and a destination event management company in Prague, go ahead and get in touch with us!

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