V Kolkovne

Kolkovna restaurant is one of the best known traditional Czech restaurants to find excellent local flavors, and of course the very freshest beer available, Pilsner Urquell which runs through the endless taps. It is not unusual to find locals drinking their brew and enjoying their meal right next to Prague elite.  Above all, this further demonstrates how the restaurant has so broadly earned its good reputation. After all, who could resist roasted lamb, goulash or a golden roasted duck that tastes just like the food our mums used to make.  But here it is served up with a fresh Pilsner Urquell beer. (actually better but please don’t tell mom!)

The overall atmosphere of the restaurant is accentuated by its authentic pre-war interiors, dominated by a replica of a traditional beer brewer’s kettle, situated above the beer taps, the authentic period serving dishes, traditional Czech and Slovak music. An atmosphere of fun and gayety fills the caverness spaces of this establishment.

Sample Menu

Krkonoše Potato Soup Made of Potatoes, Vegetables and Mushrooms, served in a Bread Piaf

Rolled Leg of Lamb in Rosemary, Larded with Garlic and Bacon, served with Spinach and Potato Dumplings

Pear Strudel – Beer Pastry with Pear Compote and Caramel-Nut Ice Cream

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