Tower Park Prague

Despite critical reactions of local residents who pointed to the contrast of high-tech architecture and the historic neighborhood of Žižkov, the tower was completed between 1985 and 1992. Today, the tower is recognized as a dominant feature of The Prague panorama and a phenominal restaurant for corporate events in Prague.

Between 2011-2012 the tower undertook a complete refurbishment of its interior.  Accordingly, renowned Czech artists and architects were in charge of the transition. One of the main goals was to create an interactive environment. Subsequently, the TV Tower was renamed the Park Tower Prague. This dominant, and the highest building metropolis, offers a unique 360 ° view with thematic capsules 93m above the ground! One capsule has hanging bubble chairs and sounds of the city. The worlds great towers is what the second capsule focuses on. Finally, the third excels with some vernissage of czech artist.

The entire restaurant floor is located 66 meters above the ground and as a result, the views are remarkable. Relaxation and enjoyment of first-class cuisine is the main goal. The restaurant represents a unique combination of modern cuisine with a beautiful view of the metropolis. The philosophy of the restaurant is to use the best local products and offer seasonal dishes.  This philosophy satisfies even the most discerning diner. The restaurant also offer international dishes and regional cuisine creatively spiced up with a touch of modernism.

Sample Menu

Beetroot Gazpacho served with Goat‘s Milk Cottage Cheese

Glazed Breast of Veal with Fried Neck Sweetbread, Cauliflower Cream and Fresh Asparagus

Slices of Ice Chocolate filled with Nougat Cream with a Raspberry Sorbet and Baileys Sauce

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Maximum capacity of 100 seats in several rooms

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