Surf Arena Prague

Surf Arena Prague offers indoor surfing simulator. It is an attraction just in between sport and social or family entertainment. Advanced technology makes it possible to experience feelings known from surfing even very far from the ocean, but you can also experience many other things which you cannot in the ocean.

The first artificial wave was launched in 1991 in Texas. Indoor surfing became independent attractive sport, in which popular competitions and exhibitions are organized.

You will experience the beautiful feeling, to which millions of surfers all over the world are addicted, and you can catch your first wave! Thanks to Surf Arena Prague simulator you do not have to travel to an ocean any more. In Surf Arena Prague you will learn the technique of riding under leadership of experienced instructors and you will proceed continuously from the first attempts in lying position on your belly or on your knees (body boarding) to a fast and exciting ride in standing position (surfing). As a remembrance of the experience in strong water current you can download the video recording of your achievement after the ride and you can share your joy with your colleagues and friends.

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