Cook Your Own Meal!

The concept of group cooking brings a unique combination of cooking together, personal development and Prague team building. This program is focused on non-traditional, as well as traditional, theme based cooking courses and culinary teambuilding.

After an introductory welcome into the kitchen by the Chef, and introduction about cooking and safety, we will split the participants into teams of 3-6 persons. Following the instructions, every team will prepare one or more dishes according to the selected recipe and ingredients. Each team will prepare enough food for the entire group for their dining pleasure. To make the evening even more entertaining and challenging, there will be various games, competitions and quizzes such as smelling competition, comical culinary quiz, peeling competition, and of course the best meal competition.

A skilled Chef will be on hand throughout the evening to assist the group as well as to keep the atmosphere of the evening lighthearted. A fully stocked self-service wine bar, not just for cooking, will be ever present in the kitchen as well to help in the enjoyment of your guests.

The entire cooking experience will take place in a modern, fully equipped cooking studio and will last approximately 3-4 hours including welcome time, actual cooking, and dining time.

Kitchen fun, combined with great wines and friends and colleagues is a great way to spend time together bonding for an incredible evening in Prague Team building –  whilst cooking your own meal!

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