Canoeing the Sazava River

Canoeing the Sazava River is an easy canoeing with help of guide. Leave the city behind and let yourself capture by a deep gorge that Sazava carved just outside the capital.  The gorge is full of not just incredibly dense forests and dramatic rocks but also castles or little cabins that locals built in late 20th century during the communist era.

Haven’t you ever experienced going down a river on a Canadian-style canoe? We guarantee you will enjoy!

The guide will give you detailed instructions at the beginning of the trip and you will have enough time to try steering the boat on a flat water before we start. And of course your guide will be there for you any time you need assistance, though it is unlikely you will need his help after first few strokes of your paddle. Going down the river takes about 4 hours including few little breaks to breathe humid fresh air and of course we will stop for a small lunch en route.

An added bonus of this trip is the way you can get to the very starting point – by a local train line that cuts through a rocky terrain with some outstanding stone-made viaducts along the way.If you don’t have head for heights, you should better don’t lean out of the window.

You do not need any special gear for this trip. In case of very low temperature and rainy weather we recommend use of wetsuit that we get for you upon request. Prague Eventery

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