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Smetana Hotel is in Pachtuv Palace which is arguably the most beautiful baroque residence, and one of a select true luxury hotels in Prague.  Located in a magnificent and privileged riverfront position in the heart of the Old Town. Some suites offer breathtaking views of Prague Castle and Charles Bridge. The hotel is actually the former residence of Earl Karel Pachta and is currently a cultural and architectural landmark of the city. Although Prague celebrates the fact that it is an incredibly original, and preserved ancient city, there aren’t many hotels that can boast the fact that Mozart actual wrote some of his works in their rooms, and had them performed during his presence at the property.

As the hotel is actually a historical landmark, several restrictions have mandated that the size of the rooms remain remarkably large and regal. All of the rooms are suites and are large enough to easily accommodate two standard hotel bedrooms within its walls. With its luxuriously furnished suites restored to their original splendor, and retaining all of their priceless architectural details, this mansion is a sumptuous haven away from the hustle and bustle of Prague city life. Some of the suites offer original fresco’s painted by the masters at the time, and depicting true examples of Baroque beauty. Massive wood beams are exposed in the rooms as carrying the weight of history through it stock. Two separate courtyards provide serene outdoor sitting areas which offer breakfast, may be utilized for function or meeting space, or even take you back to a time of grandeur.

Smetana Hotel is also home to the Amade restaurant. Centuries ago, there lived composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, whom friends informally called “Amade”. Throughout the day enjoy casual food or just relax over coffee and great plum cake. This, my personal favourite of all the luxury hotels in Prague, provides a lavish breakfast buffet in its elegant lobby lounge area.

There are several rooms, accommodating up to about 50 guests each, in the hotel which are used as function and meeting spaces. These rooms have direct access, and can be used in conjunction with one of the two courtyards. Considering the size of the suites, many of the rooms themselves may also be used as meeting spaces.

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Dining Facilities

  • Lobby Lounge:  Provides breakfast, drinks, and snacks
  • Amade Restaurant:  Casual food throughout the day

Function & Meeting Spaces

  • Bellevue Room - views over the river towards Prague Castle, flexible space for meetings and events for up to 44 guests.
  • Pachta Room -offers access to a balcony, plenty of natural daylight, beautiful views and is ideal for meetings and events for up to 40 guests.
  • Mozart Room - for events for up to 36 guests, natural daylight.
  • The Chapel – Cigar Club- With direct access to the garden, ideal for private meetings and exclusive cocktails for up to 56 guests.

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