Prague Boat Tour

On our Prague Boat Tour, you will will ride on the authentic boats built in the best tradition of the end of 19th century, which allow you to sail through the so called Prague Venice – a picturesque river canal called Čertovka or the glorious Charles Bridge vaulted over the Vltava River. A veritable feast for the eye of the connoisseur and admirer of Czech culture and famous history is sailing underneath the last extant arch of Judith Bridge, the worthy predecessor of Charles Bridge. This wholly unique spot is now completely hidden underneath Křížovnické square, known only by genuine experts on Prague history.

Unlike the larger river cruises, for the Prague Boat Tour, we use these smaller boats are the only ones which can actually gain access to some of the smaller waterways in the city.  The boats have a maximum of 35 people per boat which keeps it very quaint and personal.  We often hire out the entire fleet for larger groups.

Each boat has a professional operator who guides you through the cruise and can cruise no matter what the weather is. You can enjoy this pleasant experience either in summer or winter, as all boats are heated and roofed. During the winter cruise, hot drinks will be provided, and slightly colder beer offered in the summer months. Boats start and end directly at Charles Bridge which makes for an exceptional locations to continue your discovery of Prague.

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