Vinicni Altan (Vineyard Garden)

Vinicni Altan is not a place known for their beer, but rather another valuable part of Czech culture. Standing in the midst of a glorious old vineyard, at Vinicni Altan, your tastes may quickly switch from the best beer in the world, to some of best wines from all over the country. This amazing location is the perfect setting to watch the sun set over Prague for an outdoor Prague Event. It is hard to imagine a Prague event in the heart of the city being surrounded by a historical vineyard.

Vinicni Altan is a gorgeous, open-air wooden building with a huge terrace carved on top of a small hill of grapevines, overlooking the park Havlickovy sady and the southern part of the city. Tranquility and calm is the perfect backdrop to a glorious outdoor Prague event. This wooden palace has recently been faithfully restored to what it presumably, was a glorious former century. They actually serve wine that is made from the vineyard surrounding it. Remarkably, grapes grown in Prague yield a pleasant glass of white wine.

Prague’s nicest open-air wine garden claims to be its oldest too – apparently established by Emperor Charles IV himself. Enjoy a glass of locally made white or red on a refurbished wooden gazebo overlooking the vineyards and the Nusle valley.  The Vineyard Gazebo is now a protected cultural monument which was recently renovated in 2004. Prague Pventery

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  • Located approximately 20 minutes from Prague center
  • Open air, large wooden pergola style structure in the middle of a grand vineyard

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