Prague Segway Tour

The Prague Segway Tour is filled with extraordinary experiences. You will have a chance to catch all the views on offer and have some fun riding your own Segway along the way, all in the company of our expert guides. Prague Segway Tour highlights included on the route are the Prague Castle, Small Town Square, Charles Bridge and the Old Town Square.

This self-balancing transportation device is easy to drive and suitable for any pedestrian environment. The Segway travels up to 12.5 miles per hour, leaving you free to enjoy the magnificent sights of Prague. Each tour begins with a “orientation session” where you can practice on the Segway until you feel comfortable and ready to go out and conquer the city.

Get on your Segway and be prepared to be fascinated by Prague! The trip is an introductory experience that is suitable for everyone and every kind of group. Trainers are always on hand to assist you and in a matter of minutes, you will master this futuristic mobility device. An exciting experience for everyone! Cover more ground than you would on foot, seeing landmarks and hidden gems, and because it’s a small-group tour, get plenty of personal attention. We can also customise your Prague Segway Tour in the evening when the city glimmers with glamour!

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