Zlata Praha

Dining room, Zlata Praha Restaurant “Golden Prague”, is situated on the very top floor of the Intercontinental Hotel Prague with a commanding view of both the river as well as the city skyline below. A glass wall, which truly has you believing you’re floating over the city, extends onto an outdoor open roof terrace which is open for service weather permitting.

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While in Zlata Praha, you can watch the sunset over the city skyline while enjoying an exceptional meal in this famous rooftop restaurant. Zlata Praha is widely considered one of the finest restaurants in Prague with spectacular views over the city by day and a more intimate candlelit atmosphere after sunset.

The Executive Chef, Roman Dolejs and his team are devoted to preparing meals that really stand out. Every dish at Zlata Praha is created with passion and served with pride and we take great care to use the freshest ingredients available, all sourced from local suppliers.

The Intercontinental Hotel Prague is a city landmark which has stood for excellence throughout Prague’s recent history. As one of the only 5 star hotels in Prague during the Communism reign, this particular hotel has been the beacon for all other luxury hotel properties, which have somewhat recently joined in the popularity of recognizing Prague as a modern metropolis with all sophisticated needs and expectations.


Farmers cream cheese with marinated beet and purée, goat cheese ice cream, honey jelly from our bees

Smoked beef tartare with truffle pearls, duck cracklings, Dijon coulis, celery hay

Ginger infused lobster bisque with mashed root vegetable, lobster escabeche, salicornia seaweed

Valhrona amande mousse au chocolat, nut crisp

Assortment of premium cheeses with shallot confit, seasonal fruit compote, nuts

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