Ice Hockey Tournament

Introduce your attendees to the fastest game on earth and see what they’re really made of whilst competing in a Corporate Ice Hockey Tournament. Fun on ice is accessible to everyone! Even if you’re on ice skates for the first time in your life, you will discover that balancing yourself on two sharpened steel blades on a slippery surface is actually quite easy!

After arriving to the ice hockey arena, you will get a bag with perfectly fitting ice hockey equipment. Doesn´t matter if you are a total beginner or an advanced player, this equipment will give you the best protection and you will feel like a real hockey player.

With the help of our friendly staff, you will easily find the proper way on how to get dressed into the equipment. Every team starts with warm up in the cloakroom and everyone gets full Ice Hockey Tournament equipment including team jerseys, which are available to be printed with your company’s logo. Following a skate practice on the ice, we’re ready for the puck to drop and the tournament to start. Make sure you are playing clean, because the striped referee is always there with his whistle!

This program is great fun and an adrenalin rush for even non-skaters. Refreshments at the ice stadium during the game are of course available as well as gold medals for the winning team!

The duration of the program is about 3 hours after reaching the ice rink but is completely dependent on your schedule, and the number of participants.

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