Indoor Body Flying

Whilst Indoor Body Flying, the strong air stream of the wind tunnel allows you to lie on it and simply fly. If you change body position, the laws of aerodynamics enables you to soar into the skies, to perform any movements and acrobatics, and to feel unbelievable emotions. Feel the ability to fly with air flowing into your body. Each of your movements gains a new, much broader meaning. A wave of the hand and you’re rising higher, falling lower, throwing somersaults or hanging upside-down.

The airflow with a maximum speed of up to 290 km/h is as smooth as in real free-fall skydiving. That is why professionals appreciate the realistic freefall simulation, while beginners can experience flying without any previous knowledge. The flying tunnel is the only circular glass wind tunnel in the world with a diameter of 4.3m and an unbelievable height of 14m.

A Skydive Arena Restaurant offering a direct view of the Indoor Body Flying chamber, and allows you to enjoy a great meal or refreshments, while watching friends and colleagues floating high above the ground. The wind tunnel is also outfitted with a high-quality recording system which enables recording each flight from several different angles.

Minimum flying time is 3 minutes per person. For a group of 50 guests we recommend to hire the wind tunnel for approximately 2 hours.

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