Dragon Boat Racing

If your corporate team needs a fun team-building alternative, there is no other comparison to working together in a 46-foot long dragon boat and competing together whilst Dragon Boat Racing. Paddlers learn the art of syncing to make the glide after professional instruction and drills they can implement on the water and in the business environment. Every paddler has a unique job, encouraging leadership in each person. It is the perfect way to improve communication, strengthen bonds and encourage teamwork.

Dragon boats are the world’s largest flat water racing boats. A typical dragon boat holds up to 20 paddlers in pairs, a drummer and a sweep who steers the boat. Colorful, dynamic and exciting, dragon boat racing is full of spectacle and pageantry but above all else, is fun!

Dragon Boating is the ultimate team sport; it is the perfect opportunity for companies, social and sporting groups to try something a bit different. Get out of the office or off the field and experience the adrenalin pumping, fast paced sport of dragon boating. Part of the sport’s appeal is its ability to get everyone working together in a very short space of time, giving a real and lasting sense of individual achievement and team spirit.

How dragon boating can help you achieve results for your team:

  • Better communication with honest, positive dialogue.
  • In a dragon boat, it doesn’t matter who you are. The only thing that matters is that you’re fulfilling your role and synchronizing with everyone else.
  • Competition is healthy and gives purpose for trying harder.
  • Using target goals to achieve maximum success.
  • Focusing on a task that includes everyone counting on each other to bring their best effort.
  • Building meaningful relationships.
  • Improved energy level.
  • Increased productivity.

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