Segway Scavenger Hunt

Modern Segway’s are the ideal way to see this medieval city as they allow to you experience 3 times more of the city than by just counting on the old school method of walking – so last century! The Segway scavenger hunt itself enables teams to perform challenges, solve clues, and answer trivia questions in order to win the grand prize of RULER OF THE WORLD! Ok, maybe not ruler of the world but at least bragging rights back in the office.

It is an intellectual and physical activity, an interesting game full of knowledge, which will show you Prague from different angles. This is truly a fun team-building activity that takes place in the streets and alleyways of one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Individual tasks are designed for teams to use their cartography and orientation skills, their creativity, and competitiveness. The teams will walk through the historic streets of Prague, among the most famous monuments as well as beautiful hidden places to solve series of problems and challenges, answer carefully prepared questions, take photos and perform various tasks during the event in the quickest time possible while competing with other teams within your group.

Each Segway scavenger hunt team will be accompanied by a Segway tour guide who’s sole responsibility is to make sure that everyone’s ride is fun and safe and that you don’t stray to far from the city on your two wheeled jet packs.

More than any other activity, this event focuses on many of fundamentals of company dynamics: team work, shared responsibilities, time management, communication, decision making, good leadership, creativity, delegation skills, motivation techniques and strategy planning. It is an excellence way for the foreigners to familiarize with the city as well as a great opportunity for locals to learn and discover more about Prague.

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