Canoeing the Sazava River

Canoeing the Sazava River is an easy canoeing with help of guide. Leave the city behind and let yourself capture by a deep gorge that Sazava carved just outside the capital.  The gorge is full of not just incredibly dense forests and dramatic rocks but also little cabins that locals built in late 20th century during the communist era.

Surf Arena Prague

Surf Arena Prague offers indoor surfing simulator. It is an attraction just in between sport and social or family entertainment. Advanced technology makes it possible to experience feelings known from surfing even very far from the ocean, but you can also experience many other things which you cannot in the ocean.

Cook Your Own Meal!

Culinary team building is some of the best employee bonding experiences! Entertaining culinary programs encourages teams to cook their own theme-based meals, engage in some amusing team challenges, and finally let them taste and judge gourmet offerings produced by other teams. Enjoy evening with your colleagues while cooking and sipping great wine.

Ice Stock

We invite you to strengthen team spirit by playing the ice stock, a leisure sport with long tradition which can be played all year round on ice rink, in any ice hockey arena or simply on flat asphalt. It is most entertaining when played in a large group, and more entertaining when being cheered on by a larger group.


Experience an unforgettable rafting adventure! The Raft Camp is built on an artificial water filter with a steep incline and a number of artificial barriers create an attractive boating environment for beginners, as well as skilled paddlers. Strong current, large waves and massive cylinders guarantee truly wild waters and intense entertainment.

Trabant Auto Rally

Enjoy an enchanting race through Prague’s city streets with one of the most common vehicles of the communist Eastern Block! The archaic looking, noisy and slow four-seated cars made of Duroplast were produced in the Eastern Germany for almost 30 years (until 1989) without  change. Experience an amusing ride into the past with your Traby team.

Prague Photo Rally

Photo Rally is a fun and active team-building event that is ideal for larger groups and conferences. It includes a mad dash taking loads of hilarious photos! Yet despite all the hilarity, this is an intelligent team event that will tap into creative juices whilst encouraging interaction and teamwork.

Hot Air Ballooning over Castles

A hot air balloon flight is a thrilling, unforgettable and truly memorable experience! Admire incredible views over the Karlštejn or Konopiště castle and beautiful countryside surrounding Prague while drifting in the open air. After your flight, enjoy refreshments and a traditional ceremony to welcome you to the balloon fraternity.

Tandem SkyDiving

As a team building activity, few can match the potential skydiving has to offer. We can tailor-make the perfect thrill-seeking day, regardless of the reason you want to throw your employees out of a perfectly good plane. Who wants to pack the bosses parachute?

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