Unwinding on the Vltava River with the 7 Best Prague River Cruises

Prague river cruises on Vltava river

When it comes to the best destinations of the world, Prague, the City of Hundred Spires, is regarded as one of the most charming and colorful cities. Not only in Central Europe, but it is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. You might have thought of checking out the Czech capital via normal modes of transportation like buses, cars or trains. But if you want to get a completely different perspective of the panoramic Golden City, then you should try out one of the 7 best Prague river cruises. The most exquisite river cruises in Prague offer an exceptionally memorable experience on the Vltava River. During the cruise, you will get the opportunity to gather innumerable memories that will remind you lifelong about the romantic moments that you had enjoyed on the Czech National River which flows across the fabled Bohemia. Speaking about the best Prague river cruises, the Czech capital offers numerous river cruise options. Be it a smaller boat for a single day trip or a larger boat for multiple days with live music and dinner. In this blog post, Prague Eventery recommends you the best Prague river cruises.


The Best Among the Best Prague River Cruises

Prague Steamboat Company: In our recommended list of the top Prague river cruises, the Prague Steamboat Company is an absolute best. It is the largest and oldest cruise company which offers the best Prague river cruises with unbelievable variations. Established in 1865, this company is operating one of the largest fleets of private river cruise services on the Vltava River where you will get the opportunity to choose from a wide range of river cruise services. Starting from the modern air-conditioned boats to the historical steamers, this company is just the perfect preference when it comes to enjoying the best Prague river cruises. In your 90-minute river cruise, you will be able to check out Prague’s main sights. Discover the intriguing history of Prague Castle, National Theater and Charles Bridge from a completely new perspective and enjoy the beauty of the Czech capital while our experienced guide delivers an engaging presentation of this beautiful city. Do you want to spend more time during your river cruise? Prague Eventery recommends you the two-hour cruise with lunch where you will get to enjoy delectable meals while viewing the majestic skyline the Czech capital. Enjoy the stunning view of the glowing city at night accompanied by pleasing live music during your romantic dinner for two.


The Following Also Comprise Our List of the Best Prague River Cruises

Apart from the Prague Steamboat Company, there are other river cruise options, among which we have sorted out the best Prague river cruises in this section. In this list of Prague river cruises, we have included only those cruise options that offer excellent features and ensure value for your money.


Jazz Boat: Among the best Prague river cruises, the Jazz Boat is a completely unique one. It has got a specific style of offering an engaging cruising experience to its customers. The Jazz Boat welcomes its guests every evening where you can enjoy a remarkable night cruise and get the opportunity to admire the best sights of Prague. The Golden City displays a surreal beauty at night starting from the Prague Castle, the Golden roof of the National Theatre, the fortress of Vyšehrad to the Charles Bridge. As indicated by the name, this Jazz Boat is solely devoted to Jazz in all forms. From the Latin, Traditional Jazz, Ethnic Jazz, Brazilian or Cuban influences and Ethnic Jazz. The program is changed every night but you can rest assured that the bands chosen for the Jazz performance are just excellent and they succeed to satisfy even the very demanding Jazz aficionados. In terms of entertainment, this is one of the best Prague river cruises offering a very enjoyable and unwinding atmosphere. The Czech capital also hosts the Bohemia Jazz Fest. You can read more about this festival on our blog here.


Bellevue Boat: Do you want to spend a complete evening or afternoon in your “own” private boat? The Bellevue Boat river cruise offers top-class Private cruising options on the scenic Vltava River where you are provided with a very cozy setting for private and intimate parties. Enjoy the gorgeous riverbank sights which the Czech capital has to offer, coupled with remarkably delicious seafood cuisine. The boat is capable of holding 12 persons and offers all season private cruises available in Prague and even outside of it. You can book Bellevue Boat for half-day, whole-day, a complete weekend or even during the normal work hours. For all kinds of private and family celebrations, stag parties, wedding celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries, romantic night outs and even corporate meetings, Bellevue Boat makes the perfect setting. Along with it, the Bellevue Boat ushers an array of mouthwatering and delicious seafood dishes including a lot of grilled delicacies like shrimp, calamari, tuna steak, smoked salmon, and many more.


Parník Praha: Would you like to host an unusual party for your colleagues and friends? Renting a steamer or a small boat from Parník Praha is the most convenient option. The boats offered by this river cruise company in Prague comes with perfect air-conditioning features so that you can organize your social or corporate events at any time of the year. People who like to enjoy a calm and serene atmosphere, to enjoy the majestic beauty of Prague, they can opt for the sightseeing river cruises set up for individuals. There are a lot of river cruise options for individuals which include one-hour, two-hour and three-hour river cruise options with complimentary lunch and dinner. Parník Praha is also a perfect option if you long for an unusual wedding. They can even arrange the decorations and wedding dinner for you.


Prague Venice: Among the best Prague river cruises, Prague Venice showcases a bit of traditional fleet. The uniqueness of this river cruise is, you will get the opportunity to experience classic Prague because of its replica boats featuring 19th-century interiors. You will be able to check out three unique categories of boats which include, the Saloon Speedship Nepomuk, the crown and jewel and the medium and smaller sized boats for the best Prague river cruises experience. The Saloon Speedship Nepomuk is an absolutely gorgeous vessel which sails through the Vltava River to the picturesque town of Mělník. You will be served with mouth-watering delicacies. When you chose Prague Venice among the best Prague river cruises, you are going to enjoy delicious treats while going past the beautiful old chateaux on your way to Mělník. What makes Prague Venice boats unique among the best Prague river cruises is, these boats face no obstacles in the river. And this is why you will get to see the Devil’s Canal and the last arch remaining from Judith Bridge.


PARNÍKY .cz: If you are looking to spend some delightful time with your near and dear ones this weekend, then PARNÍKY.cz is one of the best Prague cruises. The fantastic PARNÍKY.cz river cruise will take you through the historical center of the city and you will get the opportunity to cherish the beauty of majestic Prague from a completely different angle. You can make your trip even better with the complimentary lunch and dinner in the form of a banquet. Among the best Prague river cruise companies, PARNÍKY.cz organizes boat trips to Prague zoo. You can rest assured that your kids are going to remember this trip. To arrange any corporate events, parties, and meetings, you can reserve a boat. For entertainment events like weddings or birthday parties, PARNÍKY.cz arranges live music, mobile casino, and other entertainment options according to the requirements of customers.


Parníky Praha: Offering one of the best Prague river cruises as a gift can be a brilliant surprise for your near and dear ones and with Parníky Praha at your service, you can happily rely on getting an excellent service among the best Prague river cruises. You can set off to a delightful cruise on the scenic Vltava River all year long in any weather. Even during the winters, the Vltava River does not freeze, which means, you can enjoy the beauty of the Golden City, right from your heated cabin inside the boat. Apart from the majestic view of Prague, you also get to have complementary lunch and dinner. For your private, social or corporate events, you will get the opportunity to rent a boat or steamer. The additional facilities and entertainment options include fireworks, DJ, Karaoke, and refreshments include bouquet-style caterings and grilled meals.

With so many Prague river cruise options to check out, it might become tough for you to decide which one you are going to finalize. Let Prague Eventary take care of the hassle of booking the best Prague river cruise for you. If you are planning to organize any corporate events or spend some quality time in Prague in December or anytime soon, contact Prague Eventery to make your stay as the most memorable and comfortable one in your life.

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