Bohemia Jazz Fest – A Lifetime Musical Experience in Prague

The Czech Republic is a land of rich cultural heritage. Among the different elements that are woven together to form the cultural tapestry of the country, dance and music hold vital positions. Throughout the year, the country as a whole and many of its important cities in particular host numerous dance and musical events, of which many have an international significance. As a major destination management company of Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague Eventery, informs the world about the specialties of the magnificent city as well as the beautiful European country. We had recently told you how the New Prague Dance Festival is a cultural heritage of the Czech capital. Even before the memories of this international dance event began to fade, people of the vibrant city have started enjoying a great musical experience in Prague – the Bohemia Jazz Fest.

Genesis of the Remarkable Bohemia Jazz Fest

The annual Bohemia Jazz Fest is a cultural milestone of the Czech Republic. It was founded in 2005 by Rudy Linka. He is a famous jazz guitarist from the Czech Republic, and also the director of the Bohemia Jazz Fest. Every year the festival starts in July on the Old Town Square of Prague, and then travels to various historic squares that are located in different cities across the country. Not only people from the Czech Republic, but also people from all over Europe and even countries in other continents look forward to attending this musical event. As people from all over the world come together to gain a lifetime musical experience in Prague at the Bohemia Jazz Fest, the city of a hundred spires has to tune up its capacity as a bustling global destination to a much higher key.

Highlights as a Major Musical Experience in Prague

The fact that the Bohemia Jazz Fest is an outstanding musical experience in Prague has been recognized by the Michelin Guide in 2012. It has found a mention in the DownBeat Magazine, which, in its own words, is “the bible of jazz, blues and great music beyond category”. Furthermore, the festival has been featured in In Transit, a travel blog by The New York Times. Given that it had started its journey only in 2005, these are obviously significant achievements. In this context, it is also worth mentioning the names of a few legendary musicians who have performed at the Bohemia Jazz Fest in the past and contributed heavily towards establishing it as a lifetime musical experience in Prague. These musical legends include the likes of Larry Carlton, Stanley Clarke, Tom Harrell, John Patitucci, Danilo Pérez, Chris Potter and Charles Lloyd. These prodigious jazz maestros have infused an element of superlative class into the festival, and the same trend has been continuing, only to be bettered through the years. Despite all of its striking features, the event can be attended for free! That is one more reason why people around the world crave to have this stupendous musical experience in Prague.

The Bohemia Jazz Fest 2017

Continuing its successful journey as a memorable musical experience in Prague, the Bohemia Jazz Fest has jazzed its way into 2017. The festival has come a long way since 2005 when Rudy Linka had conceptualized it. In the following years, it has enjoyed a steady patronage as well as sponsorship that have developed it into a potential summer ritual for the multitudes of jazz fans. As always, the festival will feature jazz and “there will also be a thrilling blend of blues, funk and world music”. This year’s Bohemia Jazz Fest has started on July 10 in Prague. After delivering an awesome musical experience in Prague for two days, the event has moved to Pilsen. It will subsequently travel through the cities of Liberec, Domažlice, Tábor, and finally reach Brno where the festival will end on Jul 18.

On both July 10 and July 11, the venue for the Bohemia Jazz Fest was the Old Town Square in Prague. The festival started at 5:30pm with the performance of the Otto Hejnic Trio. This famous Czech-Slovak trio was soon followed by another Czech-Slovak trio by the name of Pavel Hruby Trio. The third and final piece of the first day was staged at 8:30pm when the audience was treated a performance by Miroslav Vitous/Rudy Linka/Roberto Gatto and Czech Radio Big Band. On the second day as well, the festival started at 5:30pm. There were three performances by Maciej Fortuna, OSA soutěž, and The John Scofield Uberjam Band from the USA. After delighting thousands of people for two days with a cherishable musical experience in Prague, the Bohemia Jazz Fest left the city to continue its journey through the Czech Republic.

The ongoing Bohemia Jazz Fest will enthral many more people till July 18. While wishing the festival a lot more success in the coming years, Prague Eventery cordially invites you to visit the glorious Czech capital the next year and the years that will follow to attend this great event and gain an unforgettable musical experience in Prague.

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