Smoke / Haze / Fog Machines

Smoke machines effects are used for creating special effects, to make lighting and lighting effects visible, and to create a specific sense of mood or atmosphere. Theatrical smoke and fog are indispensable in creating visible mid-air laser effects to entertain audiences. A heavy smoke is used to create the illusion of walking on clouds as the smoke stays heavy and close to the floor whereas a haze machine is meant to disappears and make lighting and lasers more visible.


Smoke machines, also referred to as fog machines, use special fluid to produce thick white smoke to create an impressive visual effect. They often come with a remote control to control the volume of smoke produced as well as the duration. Smoke machines produce a similar effect to low fog machines, however the heated smoke produced by smoke machines rises and dissipates around the room, whereas low fog machines produce cold liquid particles and the fog remains close to the ground.


A low fog machine (similar to dry ice machines) produces a thick, opaque fog that remains close to the ground to create a ‘walking on air’ effect. Fog machines create this effect by cooling fluid to liquid particles. A low fog machine usually creates an intense burst of fog rather than a subtler diffusion, like a hazer. The effect of a low fogger is similar to that of a smoke machine– they are both designed to create a visual effect / impact, whereas a haze machine is designed to emphasize other effects such as lighting beams or lasers.


Haze machines, also known as ‘hazers,’ can be oil-based or water-based and are used to complement lighting effects. Haze machines create a fine and subtle haze with a long ‘hang’ time – the particles linger in the air for a long time before dissipating making them ideal for use at shows and concerts. They produce a much finer and less noticeable effect than smoke or low fog machines, as they are designed to emphasize the effects of lighting allowing you to see rays and patterns you would not normally see.

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